Moaning Monday

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For those of you who have to drag yourselves out of bed this morning to go to work starting a new work week my hats off to you keeping commerce running and our economy humming.  For those of you who … Continued

July 2009

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OK, we have looked at some heat waves in the last few weeks I thought it would now be a good time to look as some past summers that were on the cool side. I know that way back in … Continued

Warmer Temps Return

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Looking at the data from the National Hurricane Center I see nothing of note in the Atlantic, Central, or Eastern Pacific with the exception of a small tropical depression off the western coast of Mexico.  Pretty boring stuff for those … Continued

Cooler Today

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After temps in the mid-80s to near 90, today will be refreshing. There are a few showers and storm cells coming off the lake this morning between Holland and Michigan City traveling to the Southeast.  At this point, it appears … Continued