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March/meteorological Spring

March/meteorological Spring Well, this is the last weekend of not only February but meteorological winter. This winter will end up being one of the warmest on record at Grand Rapids even with almost 90” of snow fall (for the season). As we march forward to March and spring on Wednesday here is some information on […]

White Christmas????

White Christmas???? As we inch closer to December 25th the age-old question always pops up. Will we have a white Christmas? Well, it is hard to say for sure. The odds here in Grand Rapids are around 60% that we will have one. Since 2000 at Grand Rapids there have been 13 years with a […]

Snow later today

Today snow is likely, mainly after 4pm. Cloudy, with a high near 34. East wind 11 to 14 mph, with gusts as high as 24 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%. Total daytime snow accumulation of less than one inch possible. Tonight Snow likely before 1am, then patchy snow and freezing drizzle. Cloudy, with a […]

December 7th 1941

Next Wednesday is Pearl Harbor Day. There are some events that happen in one’s lifetime that change the course of history. While it happened before I was born it was such a history changing event that it was still a day that, because of my parents it stayed with me none the less. For anyone […]

Meteorological Winter

  Yes, meteorological winter is just around the corner. Before I look at the averages and records for December and meteorological winter. Even with 5 days yet to go November 2022. Will be at least the second snowiest Novembers on record at Grand Rapids. That was not the case at Muskegon and Lansing. The total […]


First Measurable Snow Fall When I started doing some research for todays post it was going to be the average dates of first measurable snow falls well Grand Rapids has already had the one inch, three inch and five inch falls all in the last two days. With a warm Lake and the recent cold […]

Is GRR Cooler Now?

Why Is GRR Cooler Now? As has been the case for some time now Grand Rapids continues to be cooler relative to average than many other locations in Michigan. As I live just NW of Grand Rapids and I have two outside temperature sensors in my yard. I have a high degree of confidence in […]

The Storms of November

The Storms of November As we wait and see just how much wind we get today and see how it compares to November storms in the past. Also, of note as I write this just after midnight on November 5th the current temperature here in MBY and officially at GRR is 67. That already will […]

Halloween and November History

Halloween and November history First off, I will take a look at the weather history for Halloween. At Grand Rapids the average high/low for Halloween is 54/38 the record high of 79 was set in 1950, it has reached 70 or better in 10 years, the last time was in 1981. The coldest maximum of […]

Indian Summer!

Indian Summer In the fall, it seems that almost any warm day is referred to as Indian Summer. Just where did the term come from? You may hear the term used to refer to any period of unseasonably warm weather in autumn, but traditionally, “Indian summer” referred to something more specific. Here are the criteria for Indian summer. […]