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  Earlier this week there were two events that could be classified as a derecho. Both were just west and south of the Grand Rapids area. We did get a a good Thunderstorm and a lot of rain from the 1st one and less lightning are less rain from the 2nd one. Here is some […]

Hot days new and old

It has been extremely hot in the desert SW with Las Vagas, Needles Death Valley and Phoenix all have had many days of highs above 100 with temperatures reaching 129 at Death Valley.  123 at Needels, 120 at Las Vagas and 118 at Phoenix. There have been new record highs set all of the above […]

July 2024. Flood Advisory

Wow, time is sure flying by it just seems like yesterday it was the 1st day of the new year and now it is late June and Monday with be the 1st of July. At Grand Rapids July in most years is the warmest month of the year. That was not the case in 2009 when […]

Anniversary, Heat Wave, Rain??

Today is our anniversary we have been married for 51 years. I always like to have a record of the weather on days that are easy to remember like anniversaries, birthdays ect.  So while this will be useless information to many of you it in a way means a lot to me LOL. When we […]

Mid June Weather Lore

Weather Lore Sayings For The Month of June: If June is sunny, the harvest will come early. In June, when there is no dew, it indicates rain. A cold and wet June spoils the rest of the year. June, damp and warm, does a farmer no harm. A good rain in June sets all in […]

June 8, 1953

  When I was a young kid growing up in Bay City area each year we used to listen to and watch the Flint radio and TV stations and each year there was always a reminder of the big Coldwater Road tornado.  The Flint stations called it the Coldwater Beecher tornado. One of the nation’s […]

June and Meteorological Summer

June and Meteorological Summer   We are now about to jump into June and the start of meteorological summer. Before we do just a short note on the anniversary of the 1998 derecho that blew thru here on May 31st Note this is the 24th anniversary not the 23rd https://www.woodtv.com/weather/bills-blog/the-famous-derecho-of-may-31-1998/ Before we look at the averages and […]

Summer 2024 Long Range Guess

  We have tickets for today’s Tiger game so we will be on a road trip to Detroit. Well the start of meteorological summer just around the corner it is a good time to talk a look at what the major models are hinting at for this summer. Most indications are that we will be […]

Summer Like Weekend

This weekend looks more like a good summer weekend than a May weekend. On that note. I now have all my summer garden in. This year I planted my usual tomatoes and cucumbers in the back yard and in the front yard I have put flowers in several planters with petunias, germaniums, marigolds gladiolas and […]

The 3 Chilly Saints Of May

Have you ever heard of the three ice men, also known as the Ice Saints? These are three saints associated with planting crops, and – as is the habit with saints – they each have a particular day of the year they are celebrated. Curiously, the three days are sequential, and it’s only safe to […]