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Slim, Author at The Michigan Weather Center

Best Places to Live

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Best Places to Live Here is some information on Grand Rapids according to The Best Places to Live. Well at least their climate section. Note all the information is their information and for the most part has not been verified … Continued

Summer Heat

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Summer Heat Advisories With the recent hot weather we had this past week I will post some information on different summer heat issues. Heat Advisory Issued within 12 hours of the onset of the following conditions: heat index of at … Continued

Average Hot and Cold.

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Average Hot and Cold.   While this year June has started off with below average temperatures it has not been nearly as cool as the coldest Junes in the past. And it has been a far cry from the warmest … Continued

Summer Weather Events

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Summer Weather Events First off, I am glad that Kyle is safe and sound after his close encounter with the tornado up in Gaylord.  It looks like there was a lot of damage along M 32 in town.  One of … Continued

Growing season

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Growing season   We are in the 2022 growing season. Well let’s  hope we are done with killing frost for this year ifferent areas have much different planting times. In Michigan we have cold winters and sometimes late springs, depending … Continued

NWS Reply

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  Recently there has been some discussion as to why the mean at Grand Rapids has been cooler than several other locations in Southern Michigan recently. Here is the letter that I wrote. Dear Sir or Madam, I post on … Continued