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February History- Winter Weather Advisory Today.

In just 4 more days we will flip the calendar over to February. In doing my research on February I came across the coldest of cold waves. February 1875 must have been the coldest month on record here in Michigan. There were only two locations that have records that go back to 1875 Lansing and […]

This week in History

Good morning. The official H/L yesterday at Grand Rapids was 36/31 there was a reported 0.01” of precipitation and 0.1” of snow fall. At 7 AM there was a trace of snow on the ground but that melted rapidly. For today the average H/L is 30/18 The record high of 61 was in 1906 and […]

Cold Rain

A cold Rain This January has been very warm and it looks like the last week will determine just how it will rank in the warmest and least snowy on record. So far this month has a mean of 34.6 at Grand Rapids and just 0.6” of snow fall. The record warmest in history is […]

Weather history.

We all wish Michael the very best today and know that he will be back doing his blog is a few days. Next week’s weather history. January 21 1984: The temperature hits a record low of 15 below zero at Grand Rapids for the second consecutive day. The temperature at Lansing only manages to reach […]

30 year averages

Good morning. Even though yesterday with a low of 24 was one of the coolest days so far this month it was still warmer than average. The official H/L yesterday at Grand Rapids was 35/24 that 24 was just before midnight. There was a trace of snow fall, no sunshine and no snow on the […]

Mild January

As has been noted for about the last two years Grand Rapids has seemed to be cooler compared to average in our area so, I went back to see just when that started. What I found is that yes Grand Rapids has been cooler compared to the averages at several other locations in west Michigan […]

Snow gone.

News year’s eve. 2022 is now almost in the record books. The year went by very fast. What will 2022 be remembered in the weather news? I would say for Michigan the top two weather events for 2022 would be the May tornado in Gaylord and the December blizzard here in west Michigan. I will […]

Christmas Eve

Good morning. Here at Grand Rapids, it has been snowing since 2PM on Thursday. Here in MBY it is hard to get good snowfall measurements but of the 6 that I took the range is from 8” to 15” and I have a drift of just over 2 feet. Note this is the total on […]

Christmas Tree Day

Back when I was a kid one of the family traditions, we had was decorating the Christmas tree on December 18th. Ok some years it might have been a day or two before the 18 but the 18 was the day on most years. That was the day my mother’s family had handed down to […]

White Christmas????

White Christmas???? As we inch closer to December 25th the age-old question always pops up. Will we have a white Christmas? Well, it is hard to say for sure. The odds here in Grand Rapids are around 60% that we will have one. Since 2000 at Grand Rapids there have been 13 years with a […]