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Summer Like Weekend

This weekend looks more like a good summer weekend than a May weekend. On that note. I now have all my summer garden in. This year I planted my usual tomatoes and cucumbers in the back yard and in the front yard I have put flowers in several planters with petunias, germaniums, marigolds gladiolas and […]

The 3 Chilly Saints Of May

Have you ever heard of the three ice men, also known as the Ice Saints? These are three saints associated with planting crops, and – as is the habit with saints – they each have a particular day of the year they are celebrated. Curiously, the three days are sequential, and it’s only safe to […]

Watches and Warnings

While we have already had some severe weather in parts of Michigan it would be a good time to look at some of weather events that we could encounter over the coming months. SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT: This can be issued when there are storms that do not meet the severe criteria but could have higher […]

Merry month of May

This is the last weekend of April and next Wednesday is the start of May so it is now time to look at some May averages and records. May is the fifth month of the year, and here in the Northern Hemisphere it is the last month of spring. Late May typically marks the start of the summer […]

The flood of 2013

January 2013 was a rather wet month with 4.01” of total precipitation.  February was snowy (33.1”) and wet (3.05”) while March was dryer with just 0.94” of precipitation. Then came April with 11.10” of rain and melted snow. That 11.10” is by far the wettest for any April. And is the 3rd wettest for any […]

Strong El Nino to La Nina

Strong El Nino to La Nina We had a strong El Nino this past winter and it sure did show it. At Grand Rapids the mean for December 2023 was 38.3° that is a departure of +7.9° There was just 1.3” of snowfall. December 2023 was the 2nd warmest on record and that 1.3” of […]

Eclipse Road Trip

My wife and I are going to Ohio to see the total solar eclipse on Monday. We are going to the town of Bucyrus. It is a rather small town about 40 miles SSW of Sandusky. The eclipse will be total there for about 3 minutes and 43 seconds. While not the longest period of […]

April Weather History

On Monday we will flip the calendar to April. Durning April the length of the time the sun is up increases from 12 hours 46 minutes on the 1st to 14 hours 6 minutes on the 30th The average H/L starts out at 52/32 on the 1st and is up to 64/43 by the 30th […]

A Storm to Remember

While yesterday was a record snowfall for Grand Rapids it more likely than not will not be remember by most people. That was not the case on St Patrick’s day 1973 in the Bay City area. Every now and then there is a storm that stays burned into your mind and you can remember the […]

March Heatwave

While February and the start of March have be very warm this year in fact after 15 days this March with a mean of 46.5 would be the 2nd warmest March if this holds until the end of the month. But that said 2012 has one of the greatest Heat Waves that have been recorded. […]