warm Septembers

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Warm Septembers   In looking at past weather records I came across something kind of interesting. Going back to 1950 the top 10 warmest Septembers have occurred in the last 20 years. And 8 have happened in the last 10 … Continued

Nice Today!

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After a long dry spell, we took a big chunk out of our rain deficit yesterday.  We had 1.02 inches which brings us to 1.85 inches for the month most of it falling this week.  Yesterday’s high temp was 56.5° … Continued

Cool & Wet

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We saw three or four briefs peaks of the sun yesterday though it didn’t warm up the air much.  Our high temp was 58.5° and the low was 52.5°.  Yesterday was mainly dry with the exception of some early morning … Continued

The Floods of 1986

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Floods of 1986 While it has been somewhat dry this year this week post is about a September that was very wet and caused some of the worst flooding in central Michigan’s history. This month marks the 35th anniversary of … Continued

Changing Tendencies

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We have had tendencies towards warm and dry conditions in SW Michigan which may or may not continue into October.  Seems outlook maps change almost daily from the CPC.  The warmer than normal outlooks have been spot on however the … Continued