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Parade of Dry Days Continue – Weather History

There seems to be no end to this parade of dry sunny days and of course, the smoke from Canadian wildfires drifting overhead.  The combination of warm temperatures, low humidity, and occasionally gusty winds will maintain elevated fire danger in the days ahead. Red Flag Warnings continue in the upper lower peninsula of the state. […]

Omega Block Continues

The Omega block continues to bring warm dry weather to the area, I wonder if we are in the desert southwest with continuous sun and low dewpoints.  this has made it hard for mets to create any excitement in the endless reruns of their forecasts.  Dry weather will continue through Friday, with the next chance […]


The keyword for today is hazy, though not the kind due to humidity. Dry weather will likely prevail through the coming work week, with the next chance of measurable rainfall not until next weekend. Wildfire smoke (mostly from Quebec) will occasionally drift over the region, likely through at least Tuesday. Occasional smoke may reach the […]

Red Flag Warning

The blocking pattern in the U.S.  and Canada continues to bring warm dry weather to Michigan with no breaking down of these systems anytime soon.  In my humble opinion, it will take a tropical depression in the eastern Pacific or Western Atlantic to get this to move out of the area.  In the past 30 […]

2012 vs 1988

What summer was hotter 2012 or 1988. Both years were very hot by Michigan standards. At Grand Rapids, in 2012 the June mean was 70.8 the high for the month was 97 the low for the month was 46. There were 8 days with highs of 90 or better. There was 2.17” of rain fall. […]

Heat & Dry Weather Continues

Pop-up showers missed Otsego by five miles to the west yesterday.  My wife and I considered doing a rain dance but the neighbors probably wouldn’t like seeing a couple of old folk dancing about the yard.  It has been 25 days since we have seen measurable rain in Otsego.  The CPC updated forecast for June […]

Hot – Air Quality Alert

Yesterday’s rain showers were confined to the north of Big Rapids and on the east coast of Wisconsin and around Chicago.  Showers could develop along the lake breeze boundary this afternoon however chances are low (20 to 30%. )  Temperatures will once again be in the low 90s. …Air Quality Alert for Thursday June 1st… […]

Slight Chance of Rain – Weather History

Our irises are in full bloom, and we have a large amount of wild flox in the woods surrounding our house.  These are very aromatic flowers, the sweet smell is almost overpowering. We have had only a quarter inch of rain in the past 24 days so it is surprising they are doing so well […]

Hot with Air Quality Alert

…Air Quality Alert for Tuesday, May 30… The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy has declared Tuesday, May 30 to be an Action Day for elevated levels of ozone. Pollutants are expected to be in the unhealthy for sensitive groups range. The Action Day is in effect for the following Michigan counties… Van […]

Memorial Day Forecast – 1947 Snowstorm

Unofficially considered the start of summer, Memorial Day weekend often is celebrated with gatherings and barbecues, cookouts, and even long-weekend getaways. But Memorial Day is meant to be a day of tribute – not to grills and beers – but to honor the dead. Specifically, those who died while serving in the U.S. military. American […]