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Climate Change

We have had a lot of conversations on climate change as of late.  Since the early to mid-1800s, with the industrial revolutions that were happening, predominantly in Europe and the United States, there began a severe increase in the release of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide into the planet’s atmosphere.  Human activities such as […]

Sunny & Warmer

Yesterday we reached 47° with some sun and a gusty wind which made it feel much colder.  It will be sunny and breezy today, with temperatures about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. Dry conditions will result in elevated fire danger today, especially this afternoon as the gusty winds reach their peak. In my area due […]

The flood of 2013

January 2013 was a rather wet month with 4.01” of total precipitation.  February was snowy (33.1”) and wet (3.05”) while March was dryer with just 0.94” of precipitation. Then came April with 11.10” of rain and melted snow. That 11.10” is by far the wettest for any April. And is the 3rd wettest for any […]

Cooler Days Ahead

Morning clouds will give way to sunny skies today. It will become breezy with westerly winds occasionally gusting to 25 mph. It will be quite cool this weekend, especially at night when it’s looking like below-freezing temperatures will occur away from Lake Michigan. Temperatures will be in the low 50s today, mid-40s tomorrow, and low […]

Cooler with Rain Developing

The SPC did a good job in their forecast for severe weather yesterday.  Thunderstorms developed over eastern Allegan County and moved across the state prompting thunderstorm warnings.  The most intense was around the Lansing area with multiple hail reports.  Our high yesterday was 71° with .61 of an inch of rain in Otsego. NWS Forecast […]

Warm with Storms

Temperatures pushed up to 76° again yesterday making it three days in a row with temperatures in the 70s.  We should make the low 70s once again today before temperatures drop back to near normal for tomorrow and below normal to close out the week. SPC Forecast NWS Forecast A line of showers and storms […]

Rain Chances Increase

Yesterday we reached 74° for another fine day.  We have another in store for today with temperatures trending into the low 70s.  The mild pattern will continue through midweek, but a wave of low-pressure moves in for tomorrow. This system will bring showers and thunderstorms. Cooler weather will follow at the end of the week […]

Another Fine Day

Yesterday we reached 76° with lots of sun and low dewpoints.  No mosquitoes yet but beware there are ticks so check yourself and your pets when you come in from outside.  Today will be another sunny day with temperatures once again near 70°, just a bit cooler than yesterday.  Our mild pattern will continue through […]

Nice Spring Day Today!

Yesterday was great with all sun and the temperatures in the low 60s.  This week it will be time to put down the lawn fertilizer with weed deterrents.  I have started the tomatoes inside anticipating fresh tasty fruit this summer.  Yes, the tomato is a fruit, I don’t care what the government says.  Tomatoes are […]

Strong El Nino to La Nina

Strong El Nino to La Nina We had a strong El Nino this past winter and it sure did show it. At Grand Rapids the mean for December 2023 was 38.3° that is a departure of +7.9° There was just 1.3” of snowfall. December 2023 was the 2nd warmest on record and that 1.3” of […]