June Summary

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One of the things which stand out for June, of course, was the amount of sunshine we had.  We continue that trend into July with the addition of above-normal temps and dry conditions. June 2020’s temperatures ranked firmly within the … Continued


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There are a few showers here and there in SW Michigan this morning if you very lucky you may receive one but chances are small and they will dissipate by noon.  They are of the popup variety and have very … Continued

Scattered Showers

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Don’t let the post title get you too excited, scattered means occurring or found at intervals or various locations rather than all together.  There is a 30% chance which means the chance is 30% within 25 miles of any one … Continued

Sunny & Warm

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We can expect a lot of reruns this week in regards to the weather.  Summer is upon us with a vengeance as payback for the cool months which started spring.  Most of the week will remain dry with the exception … Continued

Chance of Storms

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I suspect we will have an active weather pattern late this afternoon through tonight as well as an active blog as we generally have a 300% increase in traffic during stormy weather. At this time (5 am) the core of … Continued

Storms & Dust

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A lot of talk on the Saharan sand storm crossing the Atlantic into the Gulf and curving to the north and back to the east.  This is an amazing journey for a layer of sand moving through the atmosphere, though … Continued

Cooler Today

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We finally had some rain overnight (.30 of an inch) which we haven’t seen in 10 days which was quite a stretch of sunny and warm days. From Slim yesterday: Talking about the clouds with 61% of possible sunshine yesterday … Continued