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March 2023 – Page 2 – The Michigan Weather Center
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Here are the current spotter training sessions for Spring 2023 for SW Michigan. Check back often as more sessions will be added in the near future. Spotter training is recommended for ages 14 and older.  I haven’t seen any scheduled for Allegan county yet which is the one I usually attend.  I also have the […]

Welcome to Spring

Spring begins at 5:24 pm today and we welcome the day with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the mid-40s.  Now is the time we wistfully look at the seed catalogs wanting to begin planning for planting spring gardens, which are still several weeks away.  Temperatures start to warm, spring showers bring the earth back […]

Snow Ending – Sun Returns

After a cold, blustery, snowy day yesterday, the lake effect snow machine will shut down and the sun will slowly return for a more pleasant day today and the snow will begin melting again. On the 17th we had 12 hours of daylight as we cross over to the spring equinox tomorrow the nighttime hours […]

March Heat Wave!

The official high at Grand Rapids yesterday was 49 reached at 4:25 AM the temperature fell all day and reached the low of 27 at 11:59 PM. There was 0.35” of ran fall and a trace of snow fall, there was no sunshine. The overnight low here in MBT so far for today is the […]

Falling Temps – Rain Changing to Snow

Yesterday we reached 53° for a high temperature which was a reasonably warmish early spring day.  Snow showers will redevelop this evening and continue through Saturday. High temperatures on Saturday will stay in the 20s, and winds will make it feel colder, as the variable lake-effect snow accumulates in many locations. Roads may become snowy […]

Wet Weather Ahead

Rain will overspread much of Lower Michigan this afternoon and evening, with steady rain tonight. Temperatures may reach 50° or better today in some areas.  As the rain diminishes early Friday, it may mix with or change to a period of snow as temperatures drop. Windy and cold weather is forecast for later Friday through […]

Warmer Today – Weather Hsitory

After a cold start to today, the temperature will rebound to near-normal high temperatures in the low to mid 40’s. Clouds will be on the increase this afternoon. Rain is expected to arrive on Thursday afternoon/evening, then continue into Thursday night. Precipitation will change over to snow and it will be windy Friday. A chance […]

A Quiet Weather Day

We have had 11.6 inches of snow for March thus far which brings us to 70.6 inches since November 1st (these are Otsego totals).  Partly to mostly sunny skies are expected today for inland areas. A few flurries could linger near Lake Michigan. It will be on the cool side with High temperatures remaining in […]

1989 Solar Storm

The Day the Sun Brought Darkness Solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs), associated giant clouds of plasma in space, are the largest explosions in the solar system. They are caused by the buildup and sudden release of magnetic stress in the solar atmosphere above the giant magnetic poles we see as sunspots. CMEs can […]

Snow Showers Today

I hope you set your clocks ahead last night.  Being a retired person it doesn’t make much difference to me except for the hassle of making sure the clocks are all set ahead.  I am sure millions of people growling and snarling about the loss of an hour’s sleep and the government messing with our […]