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May 2023 – The Michigan Weather Center
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Slight Chance of Rain – Weather History

Our irises are in full bloom, and we have a large amount of wild flox in the woods surrounding our house.  These are very aromatic flowers, the sweet smell is almost overpowering. We have had only a quarter inch of rain in the past 24 days so it is surprising they are doing so well […]

Hot with Air Quality Alert

…Air Quality Alert for Tuesday, May 30… The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy has declared Tuesday, May 30 to be an Action Day for elevated levels of ozone. Pollutants are expected to be in the unhealthy for sensitive groups range. The Action Day is in effect for the following Michigan counties… Van […]

Memorial Day Forecast – 1947 Snowstorm

Unofficially considered the start of summer, Memorial Day weekend often is celebrated with gatherings and barbecues, cookouts, and even long-weekend getaways. But Memorial Day is meant to be a day of tribute – not to grills and beers – but to honor the dead. Specifically, those who died while serving in the U.S. military. American […]

What is Drought?

The world’s lowest average yearly precipitation is 0.03″  during a 59-year period at Arica Chile.  The cause of the aridity is a cold sea current, the Humboldt Current, which inhibits the formation of upward air currents that could generate rain clouds. The latest update of the drought monitor isn’t showing drought conditions in Michigan but […]

June and meteorological summer

  We are now about to jump into June and the start of meteorological summer. Before we do just a short note on the anniversary of the 1998 derecho that blew thru here on May 31st Note this is the 25 anniversary not the 23rd https://www.woodtv.com/weather/bills-blog/the-famous-derecho-of-may-31-1998/ JUNE June is of course the start of meteorological summer it […]

Dry Conditions Continue

Our overnight temperatures dropped to 35° which is a bit cool for late May.  We have had only .14 of an inch of rain in the last 17 days and 1.15 inches for the month here in Otsego.  Our stretch of dry weather will continue over Memorial Day weekend and likely well into next week. […]

Guess What? Another Sunny Day

Our frost advisory ends at 8:00 am  We have 46° in Otsego so I am not seeing any danger from frost this morning for this area.  Some passing high clouds over Lower Michigan will give way to sunny skies later today. Cool temperatures again tonight will yield some areas of frost. Otherwise, a stretch of […]

Cooler Today – Weather History

Cooler air will arrive today behind a cold front. A few sprinkles are possible across central Lower Michigan, with otherwise mostly sunny skies. At Lake Michigan, dangerous waves and currents are expected at some beaches. A chilly night is ahead, with frost/freeze temperatures expected in many areas. Otherwise, dry weather is likely into the foreseeable […]

Rerun – Rex Block

Pete and Repeat were in a boat. Pete fell out. Who was left?  As with this question we seem to be in an endless cycle of smoke and endless sunny days.  The question is a good one to play with your kids until they run shrieking from the room.  Another mostly sunny day is in […]

A Sunny Dry Week

We continue our sunny dry pattern this week and right on through the weekend.  My sprinklers have been going and we water the flower gardens every other day.  We may be on board for one of the driest Mays on record.  We have had 1.15 inches of rain this month in Otsego.  .14 of an […]