1917/18 & The winter of 1917/18

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   This picture is from Greenvile Jan 12, 1918  This one is from Grand Haven on the same day.   One hundred years ago Grand Rapids had its coldest year in recorded weather history. The mean temperature for the year … Continued

Weak La Nina winters

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  With what looks like could be a weak La Nina or natural state developing for this up coming winter lets take a look at what happened in (going back to 1950)  here in Grand Rapids in the winters that … Continued

October 2017!!

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  We had a very interesting September here in west Michigan. The month started out cold with the first 12 days well below average in the temperature department and on the somewhat dry side. From the 13th on it became … Continued

Record Heat

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Record Heat??? by SlimJim | posted in: SlimJim, Weather History | 10 First off Michael. Take care. Prayers for you & your family. It looks like the rest of this week will be on the very warm (hot for late … Continued

The Flood of 1986

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The Flood of 1986 by SlimJim | posted in: SlimJim, Weather History | 5    Vassar September, is generally a transition month between summer and fall, and brings a taming of the summer heat and thunderstorms. Normal rainfall amounts drop … Continued

Here Comes August

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Well July is now almost over and one can ask where has summer gone? So far this summer here in Grand Rapids it has been a rather typical Michigan summer. That means not too hot, enough rain to keep most … Continued

Some Michigan averages and extremes

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This week I will take a look at some annual Michigan averages and then look as some extremes over the years. I think we have seen less thunderstorms in the last few years just by looking at the number of … Continued


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1863??? Here is the past weather history from the GRR NWS office for July 15th July 15 1863: It was a frosty morning with temperatures falling to the 30s across much of Michigan. The low of 31 degrees is the … Continued