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Portage Tornado

It seems we are seeing tornados hitting larger population centers more often.  With our growing population, there is a greater chance of the destruction of property.  I saw a statistic that in 1800 80% of our population were farmers.  By 1900 it was half of that.  Today 2% of our population are farmers which feeds […]

Yesterday’s Tornado’s

The NWS will be busy today looking at storm damage between Decatur and Battle Creek.  From what I saw from photos and on Radarscope there were definitely multiple tornados from last evening’s storms.  Once verified by the NWS, it would be interesting if this was a record for the number of tornados from one system […]

Gaylord Tornado – Hartland Tornado

U.S.A and Global Events for May 21st: 1881: Clara Barton and a circle of close friends found the American Red Cross. Click HERE for more information from the History Channel. 1949: A violent tornado crossed the Mississippi River from the St. Louis area into Wood River, then to Roxanna. This tornado damaged or destroyed 300 […]

Tornado Drill – Weather History

We have a state-wide tornado drill at 1 pm this afternoon.  This is part of Severe Weather Awareness Week from March 20 to 26.  You may hear the sirens go off in your town or city and broadcast media including NOAA Weather Radio will broadcast test alerts.  This is a good time to have a […]

June Summary – Weekend Forecast

We have a great day in store for SW Michigan, in fact, much of the state will enjoy sunny skies, low humidity and comfortable temps.  We have the whole the Fourth of July weekend with the expectation of sunny skies though the temps will progress higher each day. We enjoyed comfortable sleeping temps with an […]

Stormy Night

An exciting evening was in store last night as storms moved through many areas in SW Michigan.  Tornado warnings were issued for Kent, Ionia and Eaton counties, however no tornadoes have been confirmed at this time.  The NWS will be out this morning to inspect the areas for confirmation.  There are multiple reports of building […]

Memorial Day Weekend – Tornadoes

We have been blessed with mainly calm weather thus far this spring, compared to our neighbors to the south and southwest.  Looking at videos and snapshots of the tornado damage I am once again amazed at the damage of the various tornadoes paths, especial one where a mobile home was completely removed from its pad […]

Lake Shadows – April 3rd, 1956 Tornadoes

I believe it was Slim who brought up the topic of lake shadows (or lake breezes) making or breaking storms in SW Michigan.  Here is an explanation of what that is all about. As incoming solar radiation reaches the earth, air over land areas heats up much faster than air over adjacent bodies of water […]

Severe Weather Awareness Week

This week is Severe Weather Awareness week in Michigan by proclamation of Governor Whitmer.  While the typical tornado season is often thought of as the peak months of April through June, most months have featured significant tornado events at one time or another. Last week we looked at various tornado events in Michigan, this week […]

More on Tornado Outbreaks

The week of May 24–28 1896 was perhaps the most violent single week of tornado activity in United States history.  Keep in mind the Weather Bureau (now the NWS) didn’t have F ratings on tornadoes, damage and ratings listed below are estimated by today’s standards. Late during the evening hours of May 25, an F5 […]