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I posted yesterday that we had around 1500 attacks on the website from hackers this week which sadly is the state of the world today.  I am thinking whoever is doing it believes the Weather Center is a larger organization than it really is.

Computer hackers are unauthorized users who break into computer systems in order to steal, change or destroy information, often by installing dangerous malware without your knowledge or consent. Their clever tactics and detailed technical knowledge help them access the information you really don’t want them to have.

If you notice in the address bar on top of your webpage there is a lock before the address on this website, this means this site is secure and measures have been put in place to keep the hackers out.  As with the lock on a house, a persistent knowledgeable hacker will find a way in if they really want to though it could take hours of their time and getting caught increases the more time they spend trying to get in.

Secure routers  and a good antivirus and internet security program are a must in any business which I have in place, also two large dogs and a shotgun should they try to come into my home 👿

We had no rain yesterday – our high and low was 76/65° which is great mosquito weather.  We will see clouds with chances of rain mainly south of Grand Rapids today with the better chances the further south one goes.  We should see sunny skies return for the weekend and temps getting back to normal.

Forecast Discussion

-- Rain in Southern Michigan today and tonight --

Areas of fog this have developed in parts of Central Michigan this
morning where skies are clear and winds are calm. This should mix
out after sunrise. Should be a pretty nice day up there with just
some cirrus and diurnal cumulus clouds. A moderate amount of
forest fire smoke is still suspended in the troposphere (true
statement for a large portion of the US and Canada), so even in
the absence of clouds, the skies will seem a little less blue and
a bit hazy.

A rainy or at the very least a cloudy Friday in Southern
Michigan, particularly south of I-96. Favorable upper-level jet
dynamics and a mid-level trough will develop a surface low along
the stalled front in northern Indiana. Wind convergence and
frontogenesis around 850 mb will increase in Southern Michigan,
where a good depth of moisture will be present as will lapse rates
above that lean slightly conditionally unstable. Each model gives
a different idea on the amount of stratiform and/or convective
rain during the day, but nonetheless some amount of rain is
likely. If more convection occurs, localized amounts over an inch
are plausible near and south of I-94 given PW over 1.5 inches,
and this is shown in various HREF and ECMWF ensemble members.
Lightning potential is low today but not zero. The dynamics
favoring a soaking rain for Friday night seems to have shifted
east into southern Ontario, but scattered showers may linger.

-- Next week not far off from normal Michigan summer --

Can`t rule out a diurnal shower or two in Southern Michigan on
Saturday a the combination of low-level moisture underneath a 500
mb trough yields a modest amount of instability. But for the most
part, increasing upper-level ridging and a surface high will give
us a break from the rain into early next week. Temperatures and
dew points won`t be too far off from an average Michigan summer
day (which climatologically most people would find spectacular).

Temperatures will be rather warm but not overly hot Monday and
possibly Tuesday as a plume of air at 850 mb from the western heat
dome advects toward us from the northern Plains. The increasing
amplitude of the upper level pattern across North America (ridge
west and trough east) may send us a cold front from the north with
a brief shot of cooler but still pleasant air. Just a slight
chance of showers is expected from that front on Tuesday.
Thereafter, many members of the ECMWF ensemble bring back the warm
air from the west-northwest later in the week. Then there is a
weak to moderate signal for thunderstorm chances returning
Thursday or Friday, depending on the extent to which the upper-
level pattern becomes more zonal and shortwave disturbances track
over Michigan.

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Currently 71* degrees in my area feels fabulous outside …INDY

Mark (East Lansing)
Mark (East Lansing)

Today is a complete washout. My buddy’s kid had a baseball tournament in Canton. All games rained out.


. Since July 7 it has been very cloudy and cool. Grand Rapids Has had 5 days with less than 20% possible sunshine and only 1 day in the last 9 days has gotten out of the 70’s nighttime lows have mostly been in the lower 60’s So much for mid-July being the hottest time of this year.


Just the way I like it cool during the Summer thanks again for the FACTS Slim!! Let’s keep it going into August baby INDY

Mark (East Lansing)
Mark (East Lansing)

Flood Warning for Wayne county. Those poor folks can’t catch a break.


For anyone heading to Detroit I 94 is closed

Mark (East Lansing)
Mark (East Lansing)

It has been raining here since about noon with a couple of short breaks. Soft, gentle rain. Just when I thought I was going to mow today…


I had 0.10″ of rain yesterday, the overnight low here was 61 and that looks to have been the official overnight low at GRR. We are near the half way mark of July 2021 and the mean is for the month at Grand Rapids in now at 71.8 and that is a departure of -0.9. Grand Rapids is now on track for the coolest July since 2015. So far the high for the month has been 89 and the low so far has been 54. There has been a recorded 1.56″ of rain fall and the is about 0.27″ below… Read more »


Yes it is too bad that we have some many for lack of a better word “crooks” in the world. They have always been there but now they “hide” behind their electronic devices ( and other vices)


Overnight low of 60* degrees in my area no fans needed as we look ahead not seeing any big heat coming that’s kind of been the trend since May around here just some low to mid 80’s perfect Summer weather if you ask me! Only have recorded 1 90* degree day sofar in out at thee YARDofBRICKS crazy….We are definitely losing daylight in the morning and in the evening and it’s snowing! Fall is coming fast woo wooo on that thought have a great Friday….INDY

Andy W
Andy W

Hey Michael, I have those same measures to protect my home, minus the 2 large dogs! Crazy days we are living in!