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2018 – The Michigan Weather Center
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Ice, Rain & Snow

It is 6am and we have a freezing mix of precip moving into the area.  This is not going to be a pleasant day for outdoor festivities in the state.  The feature image from the NWS shows a wide variety of weather for Michigan today and tonight.  The winter weather advisory has now included counties […]

New Years Weather

The landscape is white here in Otsego this morning however there is less than an inch as our snow drought continues.  We have had over two inches of rain for the month which would have been a significant snow accumulation if it had been cold enough.  Our lack of almost no severe weather this year […]

A look at New Years and January averages

Looking NE on Aruba.     With New Years eve and day coming up this week, Here is a little weather history for New Years eve and New Years day here in Grand Rapids. For December 31st Warmest 60° in 1965. Coldest -14° in 1976. Warmest minimum 45° in 2010 Coldest maximum 12° in 2017. […]

Weekend Forecast

The feature image is the current GEOS16 sat image this morning. A comfortable 52° here in Otsego this morning at 6am, can’t beat that for the closing days of December.  Don’t expect it to last long as the temps on the western side of the system are in the single digits to teens in Minnesota.  […]

Winter Weather Update

For many this has been a horrible snow-less December.  We also have to consider those who make a living plowing snow as this has cut deeply into their incomes for this winter.  Many landscape companies switch from lawn care to snow removal which has been nearly non existent this season. There is a lot of […]

Weather History Day

In my studies of atmospheric science one of the first things I learned is that atmospheric motions are unpredictable especially in long range forecasting.  Not only does one have to have an understanding of physics, geography and calculus even chaos theory it still leaves us scratching our heads in dismay when things don’t pan out.  […]

Merry Christmas

I won’t be posting tomorrow as it will be a busy day for most of us.  Not much happening weather-wise for southwest Michigan anyway and all pertinent information is updated on the front page automatically.  We may see a few snow showers and drizzle over the next couple days as our dreary December continues. 33% […]

Happy Birthday to My Wife

First off I would like to wish a happy birthday to my wife who will forever remain ageless and beautiful to me.  This is the time of year for celebration and family, the giving of gifts and love in which she excels.  Part of getting older is the ability to retain the youthful playfulness we […]

A Top Ten December???

The pictures above were taken in North Carolina this was just north of Charlotte North Carolina.  The guy at the Arbys said they had over 10″ of snow that is a lot for that area.   It looks like there is a good chance that this December will be a top ten in the least […]

Entry To Christmas

Today we enter into the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year and the beginning of the Christmas holiday. Many will begin their extended Christmas holiday this weekend through next week and this year there appears to be no travel hazards in Michigan and no heavy snow to worry about.  My wife’s birthday is […]