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Sunny & Warm Today

We have another beautiful early fall day in store for SW Michigan with sunny skies and comfortable temperatures.  Clouds will slowly increase late this afternoon and evening as a low-pressure system moves into the region tonight into Monday morning bringing the increasing chance of rain.

Grand Rapids Forecast

9 10 grr

Todays Weather History

This Day in Weather History September 10th

Forecast Discussion

Patchy dense fog will again be a concern this morning.
The high pressure has caused calm winds and clear skies.
Decoupling aloft has allowed for the development of an inversion
that has allowed for dewpoint depressions to be around zero.
That trapped low-level moisture has allowed for fog formation.

The question this morning is how widespread and how dense will
this fog be. Areas east of US 131 and south of I 96 seem to be the
most susceptible. This is primarily due to the fact that the
lakeshore north of I 96 and west of US 131 is drier.
So while the fog is slowly forming it should become
predominately denser as sunrise approaches. Visibilities could
drop down to a quarter mile or less at times. SREF shows RH`s
increasing with vsbys dropping between 09Z to 12Z and slowly
improving between 15Z and 18Z. So a foggy Sunday morning is in
store with low clouds possible as well.

Once the fog lifts and dissipates it will be another sunny day
with highs in the mid to upper 70s. Clouds will slowly increase
late this afternoon and evening as a low-pressure system moves
into the region tonight into Monday morning. Any precipitation
should hold off until Monday and will be discussed below.

The frontal wave mentioned before is now advertised by the model
guidance to take a track shifted considerably north, resulting in
the greatest precipitation amounts north of a Muskegon to Reed City
line. Timing also is earlier compared to what was shown by the
guidance available at this time yesterday; that is, most
precipitation is now expected to fall on Monday. A striping pattern
in QPF guidance indicates a more convective nature and resulting
greater localized totals that should be well over an inch in spots
north of Muskegon. Thunder will be possible by Monday afternoon
thanks to diurnal destabilization combined with increased QG forcing

The risk for thunder decreases some Monday night but doesn`t
completely go away, especially near the lakeshore where lake
instability will be in play. Thunder concerns should dwindle during
the day on Tuesday, however. As noted before, waterspouts will be
possible with the cyclonic flow and cold air aloft in place.

Shore-parallel lake effect rain bands look possible Tuesday night
and precipitation chances in general should peel out to the east by
Wednesday afternoon/evening.

The next advertised chances for rain are this weekend, particularly
Sunday, but predictability remains very low, making this part of the
forecast prone to change.

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Rocky (Rockford)
Rocky (Rockford)

Today was yet another below normal temp day and plenty more to go! Rock n roll will never die baby!

Mark (East Lansing)
Mark (East Lansing)

Hi everyone. We got home from vacation very early this morning. We spent a week in Saint Lucia. It was our first time on that island. Stunning scenery. It’s very mountainous. Plenty of sun and near 90 each day except for Thursday. It rained very hard but not all day. It didn’t matter though, as that was our scuba/snorkel day. As you can imagine, our lawn is very long so I’m heading out to tackle that. Have a great day everybody.


The official H/L yesterday at Grand Rapids was 76/51 there was no rain fall. There were 3 HDD’s the highest wind speed was 16 MPH out of the N. There was 64% of possible sunshine. For today the average H/L is now down to 76/55 the record high of 94 was set in 1931 and 2013 the record low of 36 was set in 1917 and 1969. The record rain fall amount of 2.76” fell in 1986. Last year it was still a summer like 83/62

Nathan (Forest Hills)
Nathan (Forest Hills)

I did the 5K at the Grand Rapids airport yesterday morning (my time was bad 😂) and there was a heavy fog. We couldn’t even see the airport building or runways around us. Several planes were taking off around us and we could only hear them. It was actually a pretty cool experience