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This will be a good week for outdoor projects.  I am rebuilding the porch on my main entryway this week and I will be building a new shed in my backyard.  I generally price the jobs out and pick up … Continued

Warm & Dry

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We have a warm 72° at 5:30 this morning in Otsego with only .09 of an inch of rain overnight.  This has been a warm month with only two days with highs in the 70s, the rest were in the … Continued


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Storms can profoundly affect the Great Lakes, sloshing water from one end of a lake’s basin to other, sometimes in a matter of hours, like displaced water in a bathtub. This lesson focuses on storm surges and seiches — Great … Continued

Storm Directions

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Many like myself have asked why the lack of storms and lake effect snows in SW Michigan?  If one looks at the weather patterns over the past few years low-pressure centers have generally passed by to our west or south, … Continued

Moaning Monday

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For those of you who have to drag yourselves out of bed this morning to go to work starting a new work week my hats off to you keeping commerce running and our economy humming.  For those of you who … Continued