Wind Advisory – Kalamazoo River Flooding

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The photos above are of the Kalamazoo River in back of my house – the trees off shore are supposed to be on shore.  These were taken with my new HD 14 megapixel video camera which also takes snapshots.  Here is the video I took showing the rapid flow rate of the river – Kalamazoo River 2/25.

It is fairly soggy down there in the woods, any low spots are filled with water.  I found a dead deer, a spike horn so it was fairly young.  Seems every where I walked there was deer spore and tracks.  We see them come up to our fence line quite often peering at all of our bird feeders.

Very windy out there this morning.  We have a wind advisory for most of the state until 2pm.

A rapidly deepening storm system, tracking through the Great Lakes this morning will sweep and occluded front through the area just before sunrise. That will sweep the rain out of the area but bring very strong winds with some gusts near 50 mph this morning into early this afternoon.

High pressure follows for tonight into Tuesday. That will bring well above normal temperatures to the area by Tuesday with highs in the mid to upper 50s. Then the combination of stalled frontal system and low coming out of the Southern Plains will bring showers Wednesday but a steady rain, possibly heavy at times, Thursday. That may end as some light snow Thursday night or Friday morning. There may be enough rain with this to cause additional river rises.

The latest flood information can be found here at the NWS.


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With 3 days left in February I thought it would be a good time to see where several locations are in the seasonal snow fall totals we have 1 location still in the running for the least seasonal snow fall total. Alpena with just 37.1” of snow fall this season is still in the running for the least seasonal snow fall total of 43.8” that was set in 2010 Grand Rapids 66.8” Muskegon 91.6” Lansing 45.3” Detroit 52.7” Flint 65.7” Saginaw 31.1” West Branch 28.7” Houghton Lake 34.9” Gaylord 92.2” Petoskey 99.9” Sault Ste Marie 87.6” Marquette 110.0” Slim


With 3 more days to go Grand Rapids with at least 4.93” is now officially in 3rd place for the most precipitation (IMO it should be in 2nd place) as I question the highest reading of 5.77” in 1898. The reason I question the 1898 amount is that of the 5.77” reported that month in 1898 A reported 2.40” fell on February 20th and 21st with the same 1.40” being reported on the both dates that fell as 5” of snow on the 20th and 6” of snow on the 21st while on the same dates in Muskegon 0.50” as… Read more »

Barry in Zeeland
Barry in Zeeland

Nice catch Slim! I believe you have a good case for your argument, and of course simply the fact that you are the stats master!