Sunny & Warm Today

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Another repeat of yesterday is in store for today which has made it pleasant to be outdoors with the lower humidity levels.

The Atlantic, northeastern and central Pacific are all free of hurricanes.   There is a system located over Georgia which may move out over the gulf and develop into a tropical depression.  Some models are bringing its remnants into the Great Lakes area next week, which, if this is the case could add some heavy rain into the forecast which is already predicted to be hot and humid.

The SPC continues to have us in the slight risk area for severe weather tomorrow evening into early Thursday.  We have to consider the dry air in place and the Lake Michigan storm eater to our west to see what really develops tomorrow.

I have finally been able to work on some of my side projects – I built a small solar backup system which I have hooked up to an inverter which helps power some solar lighting and allows me to recharge my computers, tablets and cell phones should the power go out.  I have had this system for several years which requires rewiring and adding new lights when others fail (and replacing the deep cycle battery every few years).  I use LED’s for this system.  We have a lot of LED lights outside.

I have also been working on some of my canes and walking sticks, my stock is getting low.  Most of these I give away to relatives and those who need them.  Once in a while I actually get to sell one to those who appreciate the time and effort which goes into making one.  These are not Walmart canes, a lot of carving, filing and sanding goes into them.

I also like to carve Tiki and totems when my body cooperates with chainsaws and sharp chisels and carving tools.  This can be a dangerous hobby if your mind and body aren’t in tune with the work – plus it can be miserable work in the heat and humidity.  I have several of my large carvings around the yard and my kids all have them.  Before I started producing the weather sites I had Ancient Dreams where I highlighted my carvings.  I also used to make long bows which are a lot of work.

Get out and enjoy the day!


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Are Rocky and Indy the same person? They’ve both gone silent!


There brothers .. Lol


WOOD says get ready for multiple days in the 90’s. Big change from what they were saying less than a week ago!


Yesterday was the first day of July 2019 that had a mean temperature below average. The last time Grand Rapids had a daily mean of below average was on June 25th Going back to June 9th Grand Rapids has had 16 days in a row of below average means then 12 day of above average means, one day that had a 0 departure and now one day of below average. The over night low here at Grand Rapids was a pleasant 58 the current temperature here at my house and the airport is 65.

Mark (East Lansing)
Mark (East Lansing)

I remember Ancient Dreams. Do you still create steam punk art?