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If you would like to read about historical past events in weather history NOAA has a publication site which goes back to January 1959 and runs through March of this year.  Monthly issues contain a chronological listing, by states, of storm occurrences and unusual weather phenomena. Reports contain information on storm paths, deaths, injuries, and property damage. An “Outstanding storms of the month” section highlights severe weather events with photographs, illustrations, and narratives.  The site is found at this link.

Other NOAA publications can be found here.

The Climate Database Modernization Program (CDMP) was a program to image and key paper and microfilm records and to make them available on the web to members of the climate and environmental research community. Spanning 12 years, from 2000 to 2011, the program produced almost 56 million digital images from all types of physical media and enabled data keying projects to integrate new data into digital datasets.

Storm Data summaries can be found at the NWS site which contains an archive for northern Indiana, northwest Ohio and southwest Michigan.  This contains data from 1997 to 2016.

For those who want to study meteorology for free there are textbooks available for free download (I will keep copies on my server for you to download).

On This Day In Weather History

September 29

1953: Temperatures soared to the 90s across western Michigan. Grand Rapids hit 93 degrees and Muskegon 92 degrees, both record highs and records for the latest date of a 90 degree reading.

1967: Wet snowflakes fell at Grand Rapids and Lansing. The high of 42 degrees at Lansing is the coldest high temperature for the month of September.

1986: A severe weather outbreak produces high winds, large hail and two tornadoes across Lower Michigan. One person was injured in Van Buren County as a tornado hit near Mattawan. Six houses were destroyed by a tornado near Rankin in Genesee County.

2006: Several waterspouts were observed on Lake Michigan. One was about 5 miles offshore of Holland, while another was sighted just offshore of Saugatuck. This waterspout approached the coast and may have come onshore, but no damage was noted.

September 30

1899: September ended on a very cool note with a record low of 21 degrees at Lansing and afternoon highs only in the 40s. The high of 44 degrees at Muskegon made for the coldest September maximum temperature on record there.


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Here at my house I received 0.12″ rain this morning. This is the first rain I have recorded in 21 days.


our last rain in Otsego was September 7th


IMBY I received 0.12″ of rain this morning this is the first rain at my house in 21 days. Right now it is partly cloudy and I have a temperature of 61°

Sherry (Comstock Park)
Sherry (Comstock Park)

I had .10 if rain here. Not much but at this point it is better than nothing.


my,my,my – forgot to mention this is National Coffee Day
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Sandy (Hudsonville)
Sandy (Hudsonville)

Beautiful Fall morning!! We had a little bit of rain here last night but not enough.