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I hope MV does not mind but I have updated today’s post to add some snow cover pictures from today in my yard.

Looking south from my house

Looking south

Looking west

I know there are some areas where there is not much snow on the ground but there are other areas that still have snow on the ground.

A swath of freezing rain seemed to be contained to Ottawa, Kent and Ionia counties overnight as seen in the Consumers outage map above as of 8am. Here in Otsego we remained just above freezing with mainly rain overnight, picking up .78 of an inch. We have another round of freezing precip coming in tonight which should fall north of I96 this time with rain south. Tomorrow we could see temps back up around 50° before falling back to the teens and 20s for the remainder of the week.

In my initial winter forecast I stated my main fear was freezing rain for this winter – at least I got that part right – Slim was the one who predicted a mild winter which has been spot on with the exception of two weeks.

Winter is slowly fading away and we can start to look at a spring and summer forecast – this is not to say we won’t see more snow and cold – my wife and I were married on March 2nd during a lake effect snow storm. With this depressing winter I for one am ready for it to come to an end.

Weather History
February 3
2007: Blizzard conditions prevail across southwest Lower Michigan as an arctic blast of frigid air moving over Lake Michigan produces thundersnow and whiteout conditions. Grand Rapids sets a record for snowfall for any February day with 11.3 inches of snow.

February 4
1838: An ice jam on the Grand River causes flooding of much of Grand Rapids during early February. Several people had to be rescued from flooded neighborhoods and at the fur trading post.

1996: One of the coldest arctic outbreaks of the 20th century sends the thermometer down to 17 below zero at Grand Rapids and 19 below at Muskegon, both records for the date.

February 5
1890: Temperatures more like April than February prevail during one of the mildest winters on record in Lower Michigan. Lansing sets a record high of 61 degrees for the second day in a row.

1918: Frigid weather holds on across Lower Michigan with the temperature falling to record lows of 16 below zero at Muskegon and 21 below at Lansing.

February 6
1895: Lower Michigan is in the midst of a week long siege of arctic air. High temperatures struggle through the single numbers while morning lows fall well below zero. Lansing falls to 14 below zero on this date after lows of 24 below on the 4th and 20 below on the 5th. Grand Rapids hits 9 below after falling to 16 below on the 5th.

1938: The weight of ice and water carried away the west side of the Rogue river dam at Childsdale.The Souffrow bridge near North Belmont was closed to traffic as its footing had been swept away by the river. Several houses along the east bank of the Grand River were flooded.

2008: Near blizzard conditions occur across part of Lower Michigan with snowfall rates of one to two inches per hour. More than a foot of snow fell north of Interstate 96 to Route 10. Further south, a wintry mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain occurred from Kalamazoo to Jackson. The storm drops more than 8 inches of snow at Grand Rapids, contributing to the snowiest February on record with 41.6 inches.

February 7
1899: The greatest arctic outbreak in United States history begins a period of extreme cold in Michigan. Grand Rapids hits 15 below zero. During the next week, temperatures will fall to all time record lows across the state and much of the continental U.S.

February 8
1925: A four-day warm spell with highs over 50 degrees across southwest Lower Michigan peaks with a record high of 60 degrees at Grand Rapids.

February 9
1875: The temperature tumbles to 32 degrees below zero at Lansing and 20 below at Detroit during one of the coldest months on record in Lower Michigan. The mean temperature for the entire month at Lansing is 4.7 degrees, the coldest month ever recorded there.

1934: The coldest temperature ever recorded in Michigan occurred at Vanderbilt, with a low of 51 degrees below zero.

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Rocky (Rockford)
Rocky (Rockford)

What a winter. The winter weather just keeps coming!

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11th day now no school for my gals that has to be a record …Roads are worse then yesterday I hope my trees are still standing what a nother crazzy week of winter weather in GR ..stay safe if your traveling..INDY!

Sandy (Hudsonville)
Sandy (Hudsonville)

I noticed in earlier posts today there were posts about snow amount – I still have snow here too. Granted there are patches of grass but plenty of snow.

Sandy (Hudsonville)
Sandy (Hudsonville)

I sure am glad some of the ice came off my trees before round 2 tonight started. I can hear it out there.

Mr. Negative
Mr. Negative

Thinking we’d need to see more rain than is currently on radar for it to be “troublesome”, as we melted/dripped all day. Fingers crossed.

Mr. Negative
Mr. Negative

We’re receiving a very slight breeze here. The non-stop sounds of “cracking” is fascinating. Hoping it’s just the ice loosening its grip on branches.


In weather news yesterdays radar looks about the same as today at this time in Iowa precipitation moving northeast if we get more freezeing rain our trees can’t handle it. I’m thinking not a good situation setting up overnight we will have to moderate it..Jack will be running our weather page all night again I see..Not sure how long INDY can hang I was up way past 1am and back up at 430am! Slim looks very winter like at your house and most of NE GR just maybe that will get a few to think yes there still is accumulating… Read more »

Mr. Negative
Mr. Negative

Yep…looks like Ada…we are snow covered everywhere as well.


LOL Your yard wasn’t who I was referring to. So far in today’s evidence, we have a snow free downtown GR, a snow free Allendale, a snowfree Barry yard, and some icy packed down snow in Slim’s yard. That’s 3-1. Who’s next?