Explanation of New Forecast Page

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Explanation of New Forecast Page

Explanation of New Forecast Page

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Forecast models will be moving to the new site I am not providing them on the blog anymore.  The new forecast page is here.  Still maintaining the tabbed format as before with more features including NAM models.

tabbed 1

Each item on the top bar can be clicked to bring up the item of interest – the NAM models go out to fours days – the HRRR and Futurecast runs out around 12 hours.

The Planner widget has auto-location (will have the titling on the widgets changed shortly).  You can also type in the zip code or city name of any U.S. location to get the forecast.


More cities have been added to the Point Forecast area to have better coverage of the state.  These also auto update hourly.  Click on the city of your choice for the point forecasts.

point forecasts

Forecast discussion area remains the same with info from the four NWS office in Michigan…

This site will remain active into November until I shut it down. I still have to design the blog area and move all the posts from here to there, especially Slims postings as they are of great historical valley. I am keeping the design similar to this one with the exception of the side bar which will only appear in the blog area – A lot of work to do but I think you will all like it as we move to start to compete with the Big Boys in the weather department…

Weather wise the heat continues –

A cold front will bring scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. Weak high pressure will provide mostly fair weather for Monday, but showers will return by Tuesday as low pressure moves towards Lower Michigan.  Precipitation values from Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo are consistent with the NAM and HRRR models to around 1/10th of an inch with less to the west and slightly more to the east unless you are lucky to get under a thunderstorm.  Chances of rain increase to the east of 131.

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