European Heat Wave – PM Update

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While we have had a very warm July  it has been nothing compared to what has been going on in Europe this month

Europe is now baking under its second heat wave this month, but this latest is one for the record books.
On Thursday, Paris set its all-time temperature high, reaching 108.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The United Kingdom’s Met Office reported that London’s Heathrow Airport reached 98.4 degrees, a record for July. Cambridge, England, heat climbed to 100.5 degrees, marking only the second time triple-digit temperatures have been recorded in the United Kingdom.
Several countries reported all time heat records this week: The Netherlands heated up to 105.3 degrees. Germany reached 106.7. Temperatures in Belgium soared to 104.
In the Netherlands, temperatures rose to 41.7 C (107.1 F) at Deelen. This is the first ever occurrence of a temperature at or above 40 C (104.0 F) in the country.
In Germany, a high of 42.6 C (108.7 F) was recorded at Lingen. Prior to this heat wave, the country’s previous record of 40.3 C (104.5 F) was from 5 July 2015.
Bordeaux, in southwestern France, reported its highest ever temperature on Tuesday as the mercury climbed to 41.2 C (106.2 F).
Belgium set an all-time high temperature on Thursday when temperatures soared to 40.7 C (105.3 F) in Beitem, surpassing the recent record of 39.9 C (103.8 F) in Kleine Brogel that had been set Wednesday.
Records were even broken on Wednesday night with France setting a preliminary record for the all-time warmest night.
In Paris, the temperature at Parc Montsouris only dropped to 25.0 C (77 F) and broke the city’s July highest low temperature record. Wednesday night is the third all-time warmest behind the 25.5 C (77.9 F) reading on 11 and 12 August 2003.
The heat also soared northward across the United Kingdom on Thursday. Temperatures reached 38C (100F) for only the 2nd time in UK history. Temperatures reached 101.66 degrees at Cambridge University Botanic Garden, according to new provisional data  If verified, it would make Thursday the hottest day ever on record in the country. The country’s previous record high of 101.3 degrees was set in 2003. The bulk of housing in Britain wasn’t designed to acclimate to such high temperatures and often lacks central air conditioning.

Now getting back to the US

Almost August

Don’t look now but August is just around the corner so now is the time to look at what it expect in a average August here in Grand Rapids.

In August Grand Rapids will lose 1 hour and 17 minutes by late month the later sunset will be come very noticeable. The average H/L drops from 82/63 to 78/59.  On average the sun shines 67% of the time in August.  The average mean is 70.0.  The 5 warmest are 1947 (77.7°) 1900 (76.3) 1937 (76.0) 1959 (75.5) and 1955 (75.0) the five coldest are 1992 (65.0) 1915 (65.1) 1903 (65.6) 1927 (65.7) and 1997 (65.9). The hottest day reported at Grand Rapids is 102 on August 6th 1918 Grand Rapids also reached 100 in 1947 and 1965 with highs of 99 in 1913 and 98 in several years the last time that happened was in 1988. The coldest low was a chilly 39 on August 30th 1976 lows of 40 were reported in 1942, 1946 and 1979 with 41 coming in on several years. The wettest was 8.46” in 1987 and the driest 0.13” 1899.

August is also the time for fairs and other festivals. When I was younger we always went to several fairs in August but not I have not been to a fair in many years but that said here is a list of some of the fairs and festivals in Michigan the rest of this summer

and here is another list


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Jack Edwards
Jack Edwards

Stoping or Checking in with A Classic Clip of Nostalgia . Hope You Folks ENJOY!

Barry in Zeeland
Barry in Zeeland

That’s some crazy heat! I’m good with not having it that hot, but I’m sure we’ll get our turn sooner or later. Noticed they’ve been saying this will be earths hottest month ever since records began 1,675 months ago, or 1880. Even Alaska and Greenland have been dangerously warm.


Thanks Slim – makes one wonder if that heat will rotate around to the CONUS – hopefully not and not expected at this point. The English don’t have a lot of hot weather – Since the UK is always in or close to the path of the polar front jet stream, frequent changes in pressure and unsettled weather are typical. Many types of weather can be experienced in a single day. In general the climate of the UK is cool and often cloudy, and high temperatures are infrequent. The UK is mostly under the influence of the maritime polar air… Read more »