A Long Winters Nap

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After the cold and gloom of November we now settle into December facing a similar pattern of little sunshine and polar air from the north through at least mid month.  This morning is a good example of wanting to stay inside with the fog enshrouding the land from the melting snow.  Daylight is now around nine hours long and the sunsets just after five p.m..  Many would assume positions in their recliners to watch T.V., read a book or entertain themselves with their various hobbies.  Unless you have kids to entertain, some like myself  could find themselves napping through the Lions game today.  It will probably be one of those games where it is best to keep ones eyes closed anyway.

We had just over an inch of rain yesterday with a few rumbles of thunder in the evening.  November had less than 10% of average sunshine and was in the top ten coldest months with above average snowfall.


We can expect more rain today though not as extensive as yesterday, a few rumbles of thunder are not out of the question.  A cold front will push through tonight bringing the best chance of accumulating snow north of I96.  Lake effect snow is possible Tuesday night into Wednesday, however the best chance appears to be on Thursday.  According to the GFS models snowfall through mid month don’t look that impressive and another storm similar to the one were are seeing now with rain is showing up the 13th and 14th.  The CFS models are guessing this pattern to continue through the month with the really cold air holding off until after Christmas into early January.  Of course these are all subject to change so we will just have to wait and see.


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There is no way we will be having a mild and dry winter! Get ready to rock n roll!


As for the winter guess by some people who get paid to make that guess here are some of their winter guesses
Mild and dry winter
The Weather Channel
Mild and dry
Up and down winter with some mild times and some cold times


What will this winter bring us?? Well think back to last April into May and see how many of he long range guessers were right in guessing the summer that we had. Then think back to September and into October and see just how many were right in guessing how mid October and November would turn out??? The only thing I can say is that in the year 2018 Grand Rapids had its 4th coldest April then the very next month had it 4th warmest may. In the summer we had the 21st warmest July and then the 9th warmest… Read more »