Another Pure Michigan Day

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Closing out the second month of meteorological summer we will enjoy a sunny comfortable day for being outside to enjoy any activities we wish.  While I have been catching up on tasks outside since retirement my neighbor has been building … Continued

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Cooler & Less Humid

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Still a bit humid this morning with some fog around.  Temp is currently 66° at 7am.  We had .44 of an inch of rain yesterday half of it coming from a pulse storm which popped up. There is a small … Continued

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Chances of Rain & Storms

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Working outside the past couple days have been miserable at best.  I have been repairing a shed on my property replacing old wood which has involved use of a crow bar and other hand tools with a lot of grunting … Continued

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Another Typical Summer Day

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This is the time of year when some weather forecasters pull out their hair trying to predict rain chances especially when pulse storms cells are in the picture.  (This is probably why I am bald.)  In a previous post I … Continued

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Yet Another Beautiful Day

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Not much to say today as there isn’t much going on weather wise.  July is certainly making up for our cool and rainy June.  An area of high pressure is drifting to our south and over Ontario which has effectively … Continued

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Weather History Day

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Not much to say about the weather today as it will be much the same as yesterday.  We will see gradual increase in temps and humidity through the week.  Our next chance of rain comes late in the weekend.  We … Continued

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Pleasant Weather Ahead

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We will have a respite from the hot and humid Alabama/Mississippi like weather we had in place last week.  Our southern neighbors are used to that and as far as I am concerned they can keep it down there. I … Continued

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