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Here are some averages and past history for the month of July. July of course is generally (but not always) the warmest month of the year here at Grand Rapids. In 1971, 2009 and 2014 June was warmer then July … Continued

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Heat & Humidity Builds

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First of all I would like to thank Slim once again for being the fountain of knowledge that he is – he is the keeper of the statistical facts on the site.  I ask nicely once again that we have … Continued

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Weather History Day

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Actual summer weather is upon us (finally) and we will have a rather tropical airmass moving in by tomorrow.  If you don’t have the air conditioners going you may want them on for the rest of the week unless you … Continued

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Scattered Storms Today

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We have a warm 69° at 4am this morning with very little rain overnight.  Humidity levels are ramping up and our possibility of rain and storms increase this afternoon ‘if’ we should see any sun and instability in the atmosphere. … Continued

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The 1991 Derecho

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Many of you remember the derecho of May 1998 but there was another major derecho that struck Michigan in July of 1991. Unlike this year May and June of 1991 was very hot and that continued into July as well. … Continued

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