Supercell Types

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There are three types of supercell thunderstorms: Classic supercells, HP (high precipitation) supercells, and LP (low precipitation supercells). Low level moisture and the value of precipitable water (PW) strongly determines which type of supercell a severe thunderstorm will be. LP … Continued

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April 1915

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In Grand Rapids history there has only been one year (so far) where April was warmer then May. That year was 1915. March of 1915 was a cold month here at Grand Rapids with a mean of just 31.4 (-4.2) … Continued

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Spring Planting

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This is finally the time of year when we can dig out the lawn and garden implements and beat the ground into submission to make room for all the delicious edibles which will become the fruits of our labors. There … Continued

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SPC Maps Explained

The Storm Prediction Center at the National Weather Center located in Norman Oklahoma is where the potential for severe weather is monitored in the lower 48 states. Norman lies within Tornado Alley, a geographic region where tornadic activity is particularly … Continued

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Winter Storm Warning

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We have some exciting times coming into the area today thus the winter storm warning.  This is the type of warning which precludes any use of the word or words using the ‘s’ word for the next seven months.  So, … Continued

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