Dense Fog Advisory

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As I was raising my kids I was an avid story teller, both from kids books and from my imagination and those of the kids.  My favorite character I created which I have passed to the grandchildren is Peter Pooterpotamus.  … Continued

Weekend Weather

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This is not weather consistent with a snow lovers dream.  A cold wet and miserable night has passed and the rain is slowly moving out this morning.  The temperature is currently 37° here in Otsego with .66 of an inch … Continued

Hither & Thither

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Perhaps I can get back on track with the weather today which is running hither and thither but mostly going nowhere in a disorganized fashion of bland unremarkable systems.  The sun has managed to make an appearance which is something … Continued

Blah Redux

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Mark thought it would be a good idea to recycle my Boring post from last week, however as with any weather pattern the determination of blah or boring can mean different things – the main point is that there is … Continued

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Top winter storms

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  I have lived in 3 locations in my life time (Alpena, Michigan. Bay City, Michigan and Grand Rapids, Michigan). In my very early life time I live in Alpena, Michigan I was very young and of course I did … Continued

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