This Weeks Forecast

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As most of you know I am and always have been a fan of Wolverine football and yesterdays game did not disappoint.  State made a gallant effort and the game may have taken a different turn if the rainy conditions … Continued

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2018 Growing Season Wrap

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With the moderate/hard freeze here on Wednesday morning when the low reached 27° at GRR and 26 here at my house. That brought the end to the growing season for 2018. From the time of the last freeze in the … Continued

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Winter Weather Criteria

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Yesterday I posted the criteria for frost and freeze advisories and warnings, now that our growing season is officially over I figured I would post the criteria for winter storm advisories and warnings as the ‘s’ word moves into the … Continued

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Frost – Freeze Warning Criteria

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Mark asked the question “At what point do they stop issuing freeze warnings? ”  These are the criteria from the NWS. Frost Advisory Frost Advisories are only issued from May 1-October 20th (can be extended if necessary). A frost advisory … Continued

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Cool Weather Continues

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I was up late last night, didn’t get to bed until around 3am.  My poor wife had an accident with a knife which sliced into her thumb – had to take her to Borgess Pipp to get some stitches, six … Continued

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This Week Forecast

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If you have pets which like to get into the weeds and undergrowth of the woods, now is a good time to check them for ticks.  I pulled three off one of our cats last night then he discussed his … Continued

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