Mostly Dry Week Ahead

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We should have a period of drying out over the week, possibly through the rest of the month as very little rain or snow is forecasted looking at the model data.  We may see a little snow north through Gaylord … Continued

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Deer Season

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  Growing up in Bay City and Alpena the start of the regular firearm deer season was always a big day. In Alpena, it was being careful while out in the yard and the hearing of gun shots all day … Continued

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Weekend Forecast

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Windy and wet are the words for this weekend.  Football games will be interesting as nasty weather conditions seem to level the playing field and the main idea will be to try to hold on to the football as the … Continued

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Weekend Storm System…

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The graphic below is the GFS model from Friday through Tuesday early morning.  We start out fairly warm with temperatures in the low 50s (yellow in the graphic) with rain on Saturday.  The winds will pickup out of the northwest … Continued

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CFS Model Forecast

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  This is pretty to watch, kind of hypnotic seeing the pretty colors move from west to east.  This is the CFS 850mb temperature model for north America through mid December.  The grays are very cold air of -18 to … Continued

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Another Polar Plunge?

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The feature image is a screen capture from the Houghton webcam yesterday morning,  Below is the current snow cover map.  Snow isn’t far from south Michigan as it slowly creeps its way southward.  With temperatures forecasted to trend from the … Continued

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Mid November Storms

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The mid November period has seen some very big storms in the Great Lakes region. Here is a list of some of the storms that have happened between November 9th to 1913 The White Hurricane One of deadliest weather event … Continued

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