More Clouds Today – Rain Tomorrow

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All in all our fall weather has been nice with temps in the 60s and 70s with a lot of sunny days but as with all good things it will end to our typical cool and wet pattern as we creep closer to mid-month.  Clouds will be around today leftovers from the remnants of Delta though we should see a few peeks of the sun from time to time.  Tomorrow may be our last day in the 70s though it will be accompanied by widespread rain which could bring half to over an inch of rain.

The CPC is calling for below-normal temps and above normal rainfall through at least the 24th, perhaps beyond – normal temps for SW Michigan would be around 58° for this period in SW Michigan and the low 50s for the U.P..  By Friday we will be struggling to reach 50°.

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Rocky (Rockford)
Rocky (Rockford)

We are heading for another below normal temp month! Incredible!


After the first 10 days at Grand Rapids the mean so far is 52.5° that is a departure of -2.5. The high so far has been 79 and the low so far 32. At Muskegon the mean is 53.4 (departure -0.8) the highest so far 75 and the lowest 36. At Holland the mean is 52.6 (-3.4) the high 77 the lowest 36. At Lansing the mean there is 51.6 (-2.3) the high 78 and the lowest 33. To the east at Detroit their mean so far is 55.1 (-1.1) the highest so far 77 and the lowest 39. At… Read more »

Barry in Zeeland
Barry in Zeeland

The lowest temp I’ve had here for the month so far is 35. Kind of surprising with all the frost and freeze warnings there have been, we are still waiting for our first freeze.


While I have had several frost the lowest here at my house so far had been 33. But that is not unusual. Here are the first official 32 dates at Grand Rapids since 2010
2010 Oct-22 (2010)
2011 Oct-22 (2011)
2012 Oct-08 (2012)
2013 Oct-25 (2013)
2014 Oct-19 (2014)
2015 Oct-17 (2015)
2016 Nov-12 (2016)
2017 Oct-26 (2017)
2018 Oct-18 (2018)
2019 Oct-18 (2019)
2020 Oct-05 (2020)
and here are the first hard freeze (25)
2010 Nov-06 (2010)
2011 Nov-18 (2011)
2012 Nov-05 (2012)
2013 Nov-12 (2013)
2014 Nov-02 (2014)
2015 Nov-22 (2015)
2016 Nov-12 (2016)
2017 Nov-08 (2017)
2018 Nov-10 (2018)
2019 Nov-06 (2019)