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Merry Christmas

This is the day of reflection, of giving.  I was raised in the church, so this is the day we reflect on the birth of Christ thus the name Christmas.  No matter your beliefs, this is a day of giving, sacrifice, love, respect, and the conscious need to put others’ needs above ourselves.   I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe Christmas.


* WHAT...Lake effect snow. Additional snow accumulations of 1 to 2

* WHERE...Portions of central, southwest and west central

* WHEN...Until 7 PM EST this evening.

* IMPACTS...Plan on slippery road conditions.

Yesterday was a tad warmer than Thursday. Our high was 17° and the low was 7°. We have had 11 inches of snow from this system and the lake effect which brings our total to 20.4 inches for the month and 44.4 inches since November 1st.

Grand Rapids Forecast

7-Day Forecast 43.01°N 85.63°Wgrr 12 25

Kalamazoo Forecast

7-Day Forecast 42.24°N 85.65°W kzo 12 25

Lansing Forecast

7-Day Forecast 42.77°N 84.5°W lan 12 25

Forecast Discussion

-- Gradually improving conditions through tonight --

We are finally seeing gradually improving conditions across the
entire area over the last 12 hours. Winds have come down, limiting
the blowing and drifting, and snow showers are now becoming much
less intense. Roads remain slick this morning, and there is still
enough wind and snow showers, combined with icy roads to justify
keeping the advisory for now for the western half of the area.
Especially for the holiday. This may be able to be let go a little
early today if trends come down enough.

We expect that trend to continue today. Snow showers will taper off
gradually as the upper jet core and cyclonic flow/deep cold air exit
the area to the East through the afternoon. This will help to lower
inversion heights, so that the snow showers will become less
intense. Winds will only come down as the gradient relaxes over the

-- Few snow showers Monday-Early Tuesday with limited impact --

Lake effect snow showers may not completely end for areas near the
lakeshore, and will likely continue into Tuesday morning before
finally ending. The air over the area remains sufficiently cold
enough for lake effect to continue, albeit light. It will have some
aid with a short wave diving southeast across IL and IN, and the
associated mid and upper level moisture.

The main energy with the wave is expected to stay south of the area,
with some weak mid-level troughiness that moves across the state.
All of the factors, and a weak wind flow, point toward an inch or
two of snow near the lakeshore with lesser amounts as you move away
from the lakeshore.

The snow showers will come to an end Tuesday morning as the entire
system moves SE of the area, and 850 mb temps warm to around -5C
limiting the over lake instability. Most of the area should then
stay dry from Tuesday afternoon through at least early Thursday. The
exception to that would be a short wave that rides across the
northern Great Lakes Tuesday night. This could bring some light
mixed precipitation as far south as U.S.-10.

-- Warmer and unsettled weather for the end of week and New Years --

The big pattern change from the extreme cold and snowy pattern, to a
much warmer and wet pattern will then take place by Thursday
afternoon. A strong upper trough/low will come out into the Plains
states, setting up a deep SW flow over our part of the country.
Warmer air will make it here first, with sufficient moisture by late
Thursday to bring rain chances to the area.

Beyond Thursday, timing of individual systems becomes a bit
problematic. However, it does look like mild weather with occasional
rain chances will continue off and on right into New Years Day. The
sfc lows will lift NE into Canada, and keep us relatively mild. Then
mas additional energy rounds the Plains trough, surges of warm and
wet weather will occur off and on through the New Year holiday, with
slightly cooler air in the wake of each system. Details out this far
are to difficult to pin down.

The main concern with this pattern (as has been mentioned multiple
times) is that the snowpack from the couple of big snow events will
be ripe to melt, along with the rainfall that occurs. If too much
rain occurs with significant melting, we could be looking at some
hydro concerns.
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Merry Christmas!!! The snow has been so fluffy today!!

Jesse (Montcalm co)
Jesse (Montcalm co)

What a unique storm. Although central Michigan didn’t get anywhere near the totals of GR, the winds, cold, and constant snow was really fun. I am really sad a big warmup is coming. I would have preferred to enjoy the snow and cold a bit longer. Looks like we won’t see highs below freezing until Jan 8 or so.

Nathan (Forest Hills)
Nathan (Forest Hills)

It is STILL snowing quite heavily here… this is probably the most snow from a single storm that I remember, maybe aside from November 2014

Rocky (Rockford)
Rocky (Rockford)

This is a record breaker! GR will end up with over 25 inches of snow!

Rocky (Rockford)
Rocky (Rockford)

GR is still getting pounded with snow! Let’s got for a 30 inch storm total and a record for snow on the ground on Christmas! Rock n roll baby!


Used the snowblower to clear the driveway and as the snow plow has went by had to use the shovel to clear the end of the driveway. Also use the roof rake and pulled down some of the snow along the edge of the roof. There is a lot of snow on the east side of the house and it even hung over the edge. I also took some snow depth measurements and I have between 16 and 18.5″ of snow on the ground. At the current time there is some light snow falling and it is 18 here at… Read more »


Merry Merry white Christmas MV’s best its the most wonderful day of the year ❤ may peace be with you!! Happy birthday sweet Jesus 🎂 INDY!!

Rocky (Rockford)
Rocky (Rockford)


Rocky (Rockford)
Rocky (Rockford)

Enjoy your great white Christmas everyone! GR is up to 65 inches for the season already! My prediction of 90 inches may be too low! Who would have thought?

Mark (East Lansing)
Mark (East Lansing)

Merry Christmas! And it’s a white Christmas too.

Coffee is brewed. Breakfast is in the oven. Just waiting on our kids to wake up. Have a wonderful day, everyone.

Kyle (Portland, Ionia County)
Kyle (Portland, Ionia County)

Still getting some heavier bursts of snow with big flakes. Perfect Christmas morning snow

Kyle (Portland, Ionia County)
Kyle (Portland, Ionia County)

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a great Christmas


Merry Christmas! And this year is a white Christmas for sure. I have not gone outside to take any snow depth measurements, but I can tell you looking out the windows there is a lot of snow on the ground out this morning. 2022 will be one of the top snow depths in Grand Rapids history. The record snow depth at Grand Rapids for any Christmas morning is 22” in 1951 in 2nd place is 16” in 2000 in 3rd place was 2008 with 13. As of yesterday Grand Rapids has 14” reported at GRR. Yesterday’s 10.5” of snowfall at… Read more »


The official H/L at Grand Rapids yesterday was 17/6 there was 0.45” of precipitation and a record 10.5” of snow fall. There was no sunshine. At the current time it is 16 here in MBY and there is light snow falling. In fact at GRR there now has been snow reported falling since 2PM on Thursday. As of 12 Midnight there has been 21.8” of snow fall in this snow event. Grand Rapids is now up to 64.6” for the season! For today the average H/L is 34/23 The record high was 65 in 1982 and the low is -3… Read more »