Labor Day Week

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Labor Day Week

I titled this report Labor Day Week because I will go over some records for the week of September 1st to September 7th Labor Day falls on the 1st Monday in September and of course that can be any day between the 1st and the 7th This year it is on the 6th . Back when I was young my dad would take us to some fairs in the summertime.  And two of the last and biggest fairs were always the Michigan State Fair in Detroit and the Saginaw fair. We lived in Alpena and then Bay City during that time. The State fair last day would be on Labor Day and the Saginaw Fair would start on the Friday before Labor Day and end on the Saturday after Labor day. We would go to the state fair before Labor Day and visit some family that lived in the Detroit area. We would spend one day at the fair and if the Tigers were playing at home, we would go to a ball game. And then on Labor Day weekend we would go to the Saginaw fair. Now both fairs are gone.

So just what kind of weather can we expect this first week of September? At Grand Rapids the average H/L starts out at 79/58 on the 1st and falls to 77/56 by the 7th So on average we lose 2° over just the one week. Here are some day-by-day records for the week all records are for Grand Rapids. On the 1st the record high is 97 recorded in 1953 the coldest maximum is 59 way back in 1892 in more recent times there was a high of just 61 in 1951. The warmest minimum was 75 in 1912 The coldest low is 40 in 1896 it dropped down to 42 in 1970. For September 2nd the record high is 98 in 1913 the coldest maximum was 53 in 1974. The warmest minimum is 74 in 2011 the coldest low is 37 in 1946. For September 3rd the record high is 95 in 1953 the coldest maximum is 58 in 1905. The warmest minimum is 75 in 1937 the coldest low is 32 set in 1946 (the earliest day of 32 at Grand Rapids). For September 4th the record high is 94 set in 1925 the coldest maximum is 60 in 1918. The warmest minimum is 38 in 1974. For September 5th the record high is 92 in 1954 the coldest maximum is 60 in 1988. The warmest minimum is 71 in 1985 the coldest low is 39 in 1974. For September 6th the record high is 97 in 1954 the coldest maximum is 62 in 1944 and the coldest low in 36 in 1962. And for September 7th the record high is 96 in 1960 the coldest maximum is 55 in 1917 the warmest minimum is 74 in 1985 and the coldest low is 38 in 1986.

So this first week of September can range from the very hot to the kind of cool to almost cold.


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Mark (East Lansing)
Mark (East Lansing)

I just read that Bill’s car was stolen. That’s horrible! Why do bad things happen to good people??

It’s been pretty quiet here. That’s what happens when the weather is boring, but oh so wonderful.

MichaelV (Otsego)

We have the Allegan County Fair which has been going on since 1852 – when I lived in Maine we had the Skowhegan State Fair which has been running since 1819. The state fair was the second week of August, the Allegan Co fair starts next Friday. As an interesting tidbit, I remember the Skowhegan fair having a sideshow tent with burlesque shows for the men which one would never see here in Michigan with the Baptist and Reformer environment.