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December 7th 1941 – The Michigan Weather Center
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December 7th 1941

Next Wednesday is Pearl Harbor Day. There are some events that happen in one’s lifetime that change the course of history. While it happened before I was born it was such a history changing event that it was still a day that, because of my parents it stayed with me none the less. For anyone who wants some more information on December 7, 1941 here are several sites with that information.
Of course, there are many more sites and printed articles to look at.
At the time my dad was too old to be drafted so he worked at the Defoe Shipbuilding Co in Bay City Michigan during and for a long time after the war.
Here is some information on Defoe Shipbuilding in Bay City.

Defoe Shipbuilding Company

Back here in Grand Rapids the weather in December 1941 started out rather mild with first 5 days all well above average and even reaching a high of 63 on the 4th. On the 7th it was colder but not all that cold by December standards. The H/L for that day was 36/22 and there was no snow. In fact December 1941 was a mild month with a departure at Grand Rapids of +3.9 there was just 5.4” of snow fall. Christmas was green while there was some snow on the ground by the new year. Up at Bay City weather conditions were about the same but there was even less snow fall for that December only had 1.5” of snow for the whole month. Over in Honolulu the H/L was 86/70 and there was no reported rain fall. December 7th would be the last day of daily weather reports there until February 19, 1942.
It is sad to say that in the future there will likely be other days that will happen that will change the course of history.

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