More of the Same

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The Winter Weather Advisory for the inland counties is set to expire at 9 am. This is due to freezing fog, drizzle and light snow which could make the roads slick. Other than some areas of fog through tonight with … Continued

Warmer & Drier than Normal

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We are coming into a rather bland weather pattern through mid-month with above-normal temps and below-normal precipitation.  For northern Michigan, we have a 54% chance of above-normal temps and 40% for southern Michigan.  The U.P. will have a 44% chance … Continued

Happy perihelion!

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Happy perihelion and new year.  Good riddance to 2020 a year that everyone will remember but would rather forget. For December the mean at Grand Rapids was 32.4 that is a departure of +3.2° The high for the month was … Continued

Unsettled Weather

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The terminology for an unsettled weather pattern is simply put “not staying the same”.  This week will feature the possibility of seeing some sun tomorrow with the rest of the forecast fairly dismal with rain and/or snow the rest of … Continued