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For those of you interested in snow and ice I have the snow and ice archives updated for 2020.  These go back to 1997 and link back to the US National Ice Center graphics for every year since then so you can compare each year.  The last link on each page are the current conditions.

We have a lot of early snow creeping southward through the Rockies and the central US.  Below are the current graphics for the Northern Hemisphere and CONUS (Continental US).

Snowfall is predicted to move down into the Texas panhandle today along with Kansas and Missouri.  No snow for us in the Great Lakes with the exception of the UP around the Marquette area where there is a winter weather advisory for an inch or two of snow.  Today’s high temp for there will only be around freezing.

For southwestern Michigan, the weather will remain tame for the rest of the week with the only chance of precip today with light amounts of rain expected.  Temps will stay in the mid to upper 40s this week with some moderation coming this weekend.


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Wow, MV there is a lot of information to look at in the past snow cover archives. There has been some light rain here over night (it is cold enough for snow but I have not seen any) I recorded 0.03″ of rain here. At this time it is cloudy and 38.