Wet Beginning to the Week

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The latest computer models have been showing a wet beginning to the work week for southwest Michigan though the runs have been moving the heaviest rainfall of one to two inches trending further south over the state.  The latest run has the I94 corridor getting the heaviest rain in an eight hour period.  At this time using the latest data southern Michigan could see a wet period tomorrow afternoon through Tuesday morning.

Local Mets have been conflicted on this over the past couple days – the NWS has been bullish on it and the probability has been increasing.  I often wonder why the odds makers in Michigan don’t have betting on the weather for any particular day as it is constantly changing in the forecasts.

We have some light rain moving through this morning – it won’t amount to much…  Rain chances are 20% today increasing to 80% tomorrow evening and 60% on Tuesday.  I have been hoping for a rainy day so I don’t have to work outside – time for this old body to have a rest.  I tore down an old shed yesterday and I am pretty sore.

July can tend to be the driest month of the summer with the monsoon season setting up in August 🙄 .  Though this is not always the case, August trends wetter – I am sure Slim can give us the stats on this.

The new webcam on this site went into private mode yesterday – I will try to get this fixed this morning – these new cams have tight security features so someone can’t hack into them and get into my weather server.

Looking at the Atlantic Ocean there are no disturbances with none expected over the next 48 hours – looking at the eastern Pacific there are three systems off the western coast of Mexico which have less than a  40% of developing into tropical depressions.  All is quiet in the central Pacific.  Our hurricane season is still peaceful and less than predicted thus far.


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Sandy (Hudsonville)
Sandy (Hudsonville)

It sure feels warm outside tonight. Humid too.

Sandy (Hudsonville)
Sandy (Hudsonville)

They are already calling for nest Sunday and Monday to hit 90 degrees. 🙁

Barry in Zeeland
Barry in Zeeland

The 1 and 2 week outlooks have a bullseye right over top of us for the heat. Dog days of August on tap. 🙁


Yup, more 90s on the way to add to our total ..

Rocky (Rockford)
Rocky (Rockford)

Should be great week of below normal temps and sun from Tuesday on! Incredible!