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The feature image is another one I took of the snow from the other day, sure is an improvement over looking at dead grass and bare trees.

Even though I am now retired I still get up early in the morning so I can enjoy the whole day, once my eyes pop open I am ready to go though a bit slower than I once was.  One has to be excited about the opportunities of each new day and find enjoyment even in those tasks which may not seem so enjoyable.  A positive and cheerful attitude also has an effect on those around you, they will either think you are crazy or they will join in the cheerful festivities.  Just a small nugget of wisdom for today…

We have an interesting wintry pattern shaping up over the next few days with light snow mainly from 131 to the west today then chances of some freezing drizzle Thursday and Friday before warmer air moves in for the weekend to bring us some rain which may be as much as an inch for Saturday.  The big story is the coldest air of the season will come in from the north bringing a series of clipper systems for next week long about Wednesday through the rest of the week.  The GFS and CFSv2 have been pointing towards a cold start for December for a couple weeks.  I will have more about this in tomorrows winter forecast update.

Weather History

November 25

1950: The temperature plunges to an incredible 14 below zero at Muskegon, for the coldest November temperature on record. Grand Rapids hits 10 below for their November record low.

2004: A snowstorm drops between 3 and 10 inches of snow across southwest Lower Michigan. Grand Rapids has a daily record snowfall of 9.7 inches.

November 26

1896: Record warm temperatures in the 60s occur across Lower Michigan. The warmth does not last long, though. A sharp cold front is followed by plunging temperatures for the end of the month. The high of 64 degrees at Lansing is followed by a low of 18 degrees on the next day, and a low of 8 degrees on November 30th.

1949: Lansing falls to 5 below zero, the lowest November temperature on record there.

November 27

1930: What a difference a week makes. After record highs in the 70s only a week before, temperatures plunge to record low levels with high temperatures only around 15 degrees during the day.

1989: Severe weather strikes Lower Michigan with downburst winds and tornadoes. A tornado did a quarter million dollars of damage as it cut a six mile path south of Portland in Ionia County. Another tornado caused minor damage over a three mile long path south of Durand in Shiawassee County.

November 28

1955: Bitterly cold arctic air is firmly entrenched across Lower Michigan. The high temperature at Lansing is only 15 degrees, after a morning low of 6. Meanwhile, a foot of lake effect snow piles up at Muskegon.

November 29

1929: A month after the great stock market crash, it is the temperature that crashes in Lower Michigan. Record morning cold in the single digits is followed by afternoon highs only in the 10 to 15 degree range.

1960: A strong cold front moves through dropping temperatures dramatically and setting off lake effect snow showers. The temperature stays in the 20s during the day at Muskegon, after a high of 61 degrees the day before. The freighter Francisco Morazan runs aground off South Manitou Island in northern Lake Michigan during a heavy lake effect snow squall. All aboard are rescued by the Coast Guard in near white-out conditions.

1998: Balmy weather prevails during the final days of November, with lows in the 50s and highs in the 60s. Record highs today include the 65 degrees at Muskegon, Lansing and Grand Rapids.

November 30

1958: November ends on a frigid note with lows in the single numbers and highs only in the lower 20s. From 6 to 10 inches of lake effect snow piles up near Lake Michigan.

1976: One of the coldest Novembers on record ends with a blast of arctic air that drops low temperatures near zero and keeps highs only in the teens. Big Rapids falls to one degree below zero and Grand Haven measures three inches of lake effect snow.

December 1

2006: A snow and ice storm strikes southwest Lower Michigan. From 6 to 12 inches of snow falls from Muskegon to Ludington, while an ice storm causes power outages and treacherous travel conditions from Kalamazoo to Lansing.


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My wife and I will be going down south next week. We are leaving on Tuesday and will be gone until December 20th I should be able to post until later in the day on December 8th. On the 8th we are leaving on a cruise and will not have internet until December 16th.


Seeing how it’s Winter Rocky will have to fill In lol! I forget this is not a comedy blog whoops.. Anyways Slim your going to mis a ton of snow and cold but have a warm wonderful and a safe time! INDY!

Rocky (Rockford)
Rocky (Rockford)

He will defiantly miss a ton of cold and snow because we will be getting absolutely hammered!!!!!!!


As we head towards the end of the month lets see just where November 2018 stands so far in the history books. At Grand Rapids we will set a new record for the coldest monthly maximum for any November the warmest it has gotten is just 52° the old record was 53° set in 1907. The mean temperature so far is at 35.3° at this time it looks like GR will be in the top 10 coldest Novembers on record. The coldest it has gotten so far is 20° the record is -10. Grand Rapids has reported 14.0” (the record… Read more »


A very cold morning again waking up to out at thee YARDOFBRICKS I Can’t wait to see Slim’s end of the month numbers for November I’m thinking top 5 for snowiest and coldest? ..Short term the few 40’s coming up this weekend maybe the last time we feel them in 2018 December is looking cold, I am putting our Christmas tree up this weekend did not have time last weekend before the storm Monday! Stay warm today enjoy hump day Wednesday INDY!!


The full summery will be in my Saturdays post.