Weather History Day

We had a nice gentle rain for a couple hours yesterday morning – we picked up .41 of an inch, enough for the grass to spring up and require yet another mowing.

I built a new log stand yesterday which I carve my totems and tiki.  My last one lasted nearly 10 years before the elements were the death of it.  I built the new one more durable and at a higher working height as my back isn’t what it used to be.  I generally start carving when the weather cools off a bit or in the mornings before the heat of the day – just another one of my hobbies.  The log in the stand is orange Osage which has been drying in my shed for a couple years, in the foreground are a couple basswood logs.

Weather History

August 4

1894: The second record cool morning in a row at Lansing with 37 degrees. Grand Rapids also sets a record low for the date of 42 degrees.

1988: A hot and dry summer continues with record highs of 96 degrees at Lansing and Grand Rapids and 92 degrees at Muskegon.

August 5

1947: The temperature hits 93 at Muskegon and 100 degrees at Grand Rapids, where it will reach the century mark again the next day. A total of 17 days during the month had high temperatures of 90 or above at Grand Rapids. This is the hottest August on record for Lansing, Grand Rapids and Muskegon.

1968: Tornadoes caused scattered damage across Lower Michigan. One tornado hit southeast of Grand Rapids, damaging several farms from Kentwood and into Ionia County. Another tornado damaged two houses southwest of Lansing. A third tornado damaged a boat and dock near Houghton Lake in Roscommon County.

August 6

1918: Southwest Lower Michigan was in the grip of an extreme heat wave. Both Grand Rapids and Lansing set their highest temperature on record for the month of August at 102 degrees. At Lansing, it also ties the record for their all-time highest temperature.

1955: A tornado injured one person in Hastings and another tornado caused minor damage near Norvell in Jackson County.

1998: A small tornado downed trees and did minor damage to an outbuilding at Hamilton in Allegan County.

August 7

1900: An eight day heat wave continues with temperatures in the lower to mid 90s. Adding to the discomfort are warm and muggy night time low temperatures that only fall to the mid and upper 70s.

1996: Heavy rains of over 3 inches flooded roads and streams in Lansing and Grand Ledge.

2008: Several waterspouts are observed over Lake Michigan from Grand Haven to South Haven. At least one of them appears to come onshore, but no damage occurs.

August 8

1894: Only four days after record cool weather in the 30s and 40s, the thermometer soars to record highs of 96 at Grand Rapids and 99 at Lansing.

1939: A tornado outbreak across central and southern Lower Michigan resulted in two deaths and about 100 injuries. A violent tornado moved across the southeast part of Kalamazoo, destroying dozens of homes and killing two people. More homes were destroyed and six people were injured in northern Kent County, northeast of Cedar Springs.

1973: A tornado injures five people and damages eight houses in Carson City, Montcalm County.

1977: A tornado destroys a barn and trailer north of Marion in Osceola County.

August 9

1964: Less than a week after hitting 100 degrees the temperature plummets to a record cold 38 degrees at Lansing and 43 at Grand Rapids. Muskegon went from 99 degrees on the 3rd to a low of 40 degrees this morning.

1994: Cool weather prevails for several days with low humidity and high temperatures only in the 60s. Record cool maximum temperatures are observed at Grand Rapids and Lansing, where the high on this date is only 64 degrees.

2009: A thunderstorm brings damaging downburst winds estimated at 70 to 75 mph to Muskegon County. The storm strikes Hoffmaster State Park and Fruitport, downing dozens of trees and causing some damage to homes. The storms continue into Kent County, hitting Kent City and Sparta. Another severe thunderstorm produces a downburst that blows part of the roof off a school in Jackson.

August 10

1944: The first half of August produces seven days in the 90s, peaking with a record high of 98 degrees at Grand Rapids and 95 at Muskegon on this date.

1971: A tornado damages some cottages near Croton Dam in Newaygo County.

1972: High pressure from Canada brings record low temperatures, including the 40 degrees at Lansing, 45 at Grand Rapids, and 47 at Muskegon.

We expect the fog to burn off this morning bringing forth another sunny warm day with high temps the the low 80s then a cold front will move through overnight.  Not much is expected in the way of rain, perhaps around a tenth of an inch or so unless you are lucky enough to have a storm move through.  After that we will have another day period through next Tuesday as high pressure builds back in with pleasant seasonal temps.


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Rocky (Rockford)
Rocky (Rockford)

What a summer. The comfortable temps just keep rocking and rolling! Incredible!


Here is a fun fact. Last winter one that some claimed to be a very mild winter had departures of -27.4°on two days in January and one day of a departure of +17.2° and this summer one that has been on the very warm side (July) the biggest departure on any one days have been -11.4 in June and in July the biggest departure was +10.8° on the warm side and -4.1° on the cool side. So bottom line is that there were days that were much more above and below average last winter than this summer. (note there are… Read more »


Um, that is almost always the case in Michigan and colder weather climates. It’s easy to see below zero lows when the averages are in the 20’s, but Michigan rarely gets 100+ when the averages are in the 80’s. It’s just math and statistics.


Going back to June 25th, GR has had 32 warm days and only 11 below average days. Almost three times as many warm days. A remarkable stretch!


Another above average day yesterday. August is starting out warm as anticipated.

Rocky (Rockford)
Rocky (Rockford)

Get ready for a stretch of great summer weather! Near to below normal temps and lower dew points! Only one minor heat wave this summer and no more heat waves in sight! What a summer! Rock n roll will never die! Incredible!


LOL what spin. Just another cold weather fanatic on here. Very strange.


Indy / Rocky have the same daily lines .. Very predictable …


Are these two individuals the same person?