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Not much to say about the weather today as it will be much the same as yesterday.  We will see gradual increase in temps and humidity through the week.  Our next chance of rain comes late in the weekend.  We have a 43% chance of above normal temps over the next two weeks and equal chances of above, below or normal rain.  Normal is 82 for a high and 62 for a low (Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids).

Weather History

July 21

1934: A brutal heat wave peaks during the Dust Bowl summer with a high of 104 degrees at Grand Rapids, second only to the 106 and 108 degree readings from July 1936. Temperatures reach the mid and upper 90s even right along the Lake Michigan shore.

1983: One person drowned on the Kalamazoo River as a tornado struck Saugatuck then crossed the river, generating a large wave of water.

July 22

1953: Severe thunderstorms struck during the late evening as a cold front moved through. High winds downed numerous trees, and several streets in Grand Rapids were blocked by falling trees.

July 23

1883: A half mile wide violent tornado killed three people as it moved southeast from near Eaton Rapids to south of Leslie.

1999: Severe weather struck central Lower Michigan, with two weak tornadoes touching down in rural areas. One struck near Mount Pleasant, but only lasted a few seconds and produced no damage. Another brief touchdown was reported during the early evening hours in Tustin, in Osceola County, where it produced minor damage to one home.

July 24

1934: Extreme heat continues for the fifth consecutive day with Lansing equaling their all time high temperature of 102 degrees. Grand Rapids hits 103 degrees, part of a string of five out of six days at or above 100 degrees there.

July 25

1943: The USS Muskegon, named after the Michigan city, is launched from Superior, Wisconsin on a day with scattered showers and high temperature of 86 degrees at Muskegon, Michigan. The ship saw duty in World War Two, escorting convoys across the Atlantic. The ship also took weather observations and served as as radio and light ship for trans-atlantic flights until after the end of the war.

2005: An extended round of severe weather from the evening of July 25th into the morning of the 26th produced widespread wind damage across Lower Michigan. A tornado struck three miles west of Baldwin and downed hundreds of trees at a campground. Fortunately, most of the campers had left just hours earlier, and there were no injuries.

July 26

1896: A tornado struck a few miles northeast of Battle Creek, seriously injuring one person as it destroyed a farm home and barns in Pennfield Township, Calhoun County.

1973: A tornado damaged a mobile home and some farm wagons two miles southeast of Clare, Michigan.

1977: Canadian high pressure brings record cold temperatures of 46 degrees at Muskegon and 47 degrees at Grand Rapids.

July 27

1894: The temperature hit 100 degrees at Lansing during the second record heat wave of the month, the first of which occurred a week earlier, when Lansing set its all time record of 102 degrees

1955: Temperatures reached the upper 90s for the second day in a row across West Michigan in one of the hottest months on record. At Grand Rapids, 15 days had high temperatures above 90 degrees during July, 1955.

2002: A severe weather outbreak produces tornado and downburst wind damage. A tornado with top winds around 80 mph touched down about one mile east of Augusta in Kalamazoo County. The tornado passed through Fort Custer in western Calhoun County, about one mile northwest of the Battle Creek airport. The damage path was approximately 800 yards wide and path length was 3 miles long. Extensive tree damage occurred in the Fort Custer area and the roof was blown off a firing range shelter. After the tornado ended, downburst damage continued for several more miles in Calhoun County. A severe thunderstorm struck a campground and mobile home park along Swan Lake in southern Allegan County (a couple miles from where my daughter lives). Trees were blown down onto mobile homes and small boats were blown out of the lake. Two minor injuries occurred. Top winds with the downburst were estimated at 70 mph.


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Sandy (Hudsonville)
Sandy (Hudsonville)

Today was a beautiful summer day. Nice cool start to the day- chilly when I toook the dog out. I had all the windows open and the fresh air felt good. This afternoon it started to get very warm in the house so I closed it up and put the a/c on. After dinner it cooled off quickly like a Fall day. All the flowers and tomato plants are loving this weather. 🙂


The overnight low here at my house was 51° and with the windows open overnight it is cool in the house this AM in fact I put some long jogging pants on for the first time this month. With full sun the temp here is now up to 60.


Rocky 46* waa the low this morning up here in Boyne mountain felt great …We are getting ever so close to my favorite time of year Fall temps like this make my mouth water lol…INDY

Mark (East Lansing)
Mark (East Lansing)

It was cooler here than Traverse City. TC’s low was 54° and Lansing’s was 52°.

Rocky (Rockford)
Rocky (Rockford)

just another below normal temp day on tap!!!!!!