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We are finally entering a period of warmer temperatures.  I would say it is safe to put away the snow shovels and drag out all the tools of spring.  I already have my front lawn whipped into shape, the backyard is another story as the dogs tend to make a mess of things.  I have two tomato plants blossoming and large basil and rosemary plants ready to go into the ground along with some sweet pepper plants.

I am ready to plant my onions and potatoes which I am rotating to a new locate in my side yard.  My main problem the past few years is that my yard is becoming more shady because of the maple trees I planted over 20 years ago.  Most of the back yard has sun only in a small strip from noon to about 4pm.  The trees and shade are nice, however when we have hot humid days we can’t get much wind down here.

Not much going on in the U.S. as far as weather hazards today with the exception of western Maine and northern New Hampshire where there is a winter weather advisory for 6 to 12 inches of snow in areas above 1500′.  When I lived out there it was not uncommon to have snow on the ground Memorial day.

We will see abundant sunshine today after a cool start – we have 35° at 5:30 this morning which will rise into the 60s – we will see 70s towards the end of the week and chances of storms increase on Thursday.


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Jack Edwards
Jack Edwards

This Beautiful Old Poco Tune….Has Been Running through my Musical Mind since I woke up Today. Enjoy!
CUE~~~~>>>> https://youtu.be/OxBKnjrt-D8

Rocky (Rockford)
Rocky (Rockford)

Rock on Jack!

Jack Edwards
Jack Edwards

Happy Birthday To INDY!!!!
Also for You Early Morning OR Late Night Overnight OWLS. Nice ISS flyover.
Wed May 15, 5:41 AM 6 min 68° 10° above NW 11° above ESE  


Thank you uncle Jack!! INDY!!

Mark (East Lansing)
Mark (East Lansing)



I am going to plant my tomato plants today as we are now past the 3 chilly saints. It is clear and 52 here at my house at this time. I will be looking forward for the warmer temperatures later in the week will feel real nice out.

Rocky (Rockford)
Rocky (Rockford)

Welcome to another below normal temp day. At least it will be sunny! Bring on the sunshine!