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The rain we are seeing this morning will move out before noon and the skies will clear to bring forth the sun and warmer temps in the 70s – the 70’s will hold on through the rest of the week.

Weather History

May 19

1923: A tornado injured two people in Kent County as it moved through rural areas from east of Coopersville to near Sparta.

2002: Snowflakes fly across Lower Michigan as record cold weather prevails. Record lows include the 26 degrees at Lansing, 29 at Muskegon and 30 at Grand Rapids. The freezing temperatures cause heavy losses to orchards across western Lower Michigan.

May 20

1975: A tornado injured one person as it destroyed two mobile homes at Byron Center in Kent County.

1977: The last half of May is unusually warm. Record high temperatures in the upper 80s and lower 90s are set across Lower Michigan from the 16th to the 28th. This helps make it the warmest May on record at Grand Rapids.

May 21

2001: A swarm of at least 20 tornadoes descend on Lower Michigan. Fortunately, most of the tornadoes are relatively weak and only five people were injured. Damage included dozens of trees downed, barns blown over and roof and siding damage to several homes. Three homes and a golf course were heavily damaged north of Hartland in Livingston County.

2004: Severe weather causes widespread damage across southern Lower Michigan. Thunderstorm winds up to 70 mph, large hail and flash flooding occurred as a squall line moved from Benton Harbor to Ann Arbor. Hundreds of trees are knocked down and thousands lose power.

May 22

1917: Cold rain mixes with snow and temperatures rise only to the lower 40s after morning lows in the lower 30s.

1963: Snowflakes fall at Lansing as morning low temperatures in the 30s only rise to the mid and upper 40s.

May 23

1966: A barn was destroyed by a tornado near Gobles in Van Buren County.

1973: A tornado destroyed three barns and damaged an industrial building in Winn in Isabella County.

May 24

1890: One person was injured as a tornado destroyed one home and a dozen barns northeast of Ithaca in Gratiot County.

May 25

1925: Lansing records its latest snow on record as snowflakes fall there with a low temperature of 32 and a high of 47 degrees.

1992: Widespread freezing temperatures do heavy damage to the fruit crop across southwest Lower Michigan. Record lows for today include the 29 degrees at Lansing, 31 at Grand Rapids and 32 at Muskegon.

2006: Two weak tornadoes caused no damage as they briefly spun up between Beebe and Breckenridge in Gratiot County.

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I suspect the trend will see more 60s next week even though there calling for 70s .. They keep lowering the temps over the next 8 days.. Friday was suppose to be 82 and now there calling it to be around 73 ..


75 degrees out! Open those windows and avoid those unnecessary furnace bills lol


Sunny and back into the 70’s today! I love it!


4 months to bow hunting already Crazzy! INDY!


Still no 80’s could we go later then June 12th with out a 80* degree temptures that’s lastest date ever with out hitting 80* degrees in Grand Rapids ..Don’t see a lot of change in this cool wet pattern in the next few weeks great possiblity ..INDY!


The latest GFS temperature profile does not have it getting warmer then 76 thru June 7th so yes the latest 80° day at Grand Rapids could be in play. That date is June 12 1924.

Rocky (Rockford)
Rocky (Rockford)

My furnace has been running every night this month! What an amazing cool pattern we are in! 5 months and counting!

Rocky (Rockford)
Rocky (Rockford)

Another cloudy, cool, wet Spring day in MI! Incredible!


It is cloudy with rain here at this time and a temperature of 49. I had to turn the heat on this morning as it was very cool in the house. Grand Rapids mean temperature for May is now at 54.2 that is a departure of -2.8. Muskegon’s mean is at 52.6 and that is also a departure of -2.8 at Lansing their mean is 53.7 and that is good for a departure of -2.4 But our departures are nothing compared to Marquette were their mean so far this May is 41.4 and that is good for a departure of… Read more »