Summer Flowers

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20170703_071133-1515587721.jpgMy wife spends many hours outdoors planting and tending to her flowers, seems every year some new feature pops up in the yard.  I just mow the lawns and tend to the herb garden and the few potted veggies we grow every year.

We have flower beds lining the property, the house and multiple beds here and there, mostly perennials – lots of lilies and some I can’t name.

We also have multiple bird feeders and a squirrel feeder, lots of critters flying and scampering around – including the possum and raccoon family which comes out at night to dine upon the cat food.  We have a few feral cats which appear ever day, some friendly, some not so much.

I think we have 10 cats who they call us their own.  One is an indoor cat, several come in during the winter to keep the dog company.

Seems every year we have new ones show up, many I think are drop offs (sad to say).  Our neighbor is a vet assistant so they all get fixed and tended to if they become ill or injured.

Our newest feature is a large bird bath we installed in the front yard – heavy bugger it is.  All I did was wheel it out there and help remove the sod – the rest was all her.  I also put it an old pump next to our fish pond, she planted the watering can.

So, I am dedicating this post to her and all the fine work she does making our property appealing to the neighbors, the tax assessor and loving husband. Thank you dear….

A lot of work goes into this and then by October it is time to gather up all the ornaments and tune up the snow blower. Actually my new snow blower has less than five hours on it from last year – maybe it will get some use this next winter – who knows…

I took the photos below yesterday morning.  They are high resolution – you can enlarge them by right clicking and click on view image.






First, here is the June rainfall totals for the U.P. – Still waiting for the NWS update for the rest of the state.


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