Snow For Halloween?

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Made a few changes to the Forecast Page for faster loading and to take care of some background script issues.  That is the problem of being a one man band in regards to keeping the site running; when something starts going wrong I have to do a lot of debugging myself.

I talked to some Cub Scouts yesterday selling popcorn at Harding’s Market as a fund raiser.  I told them I was in the Cubs back in the early 60s – I was surprised at all the questions about what it was like back then, like what dinosaurs really looked like and how it feels to be older than dirt (just kidding).  I am happy to see the Boy scouts still active in our area.

The reality of cooler temperatures are soon to be upon us – one more day in the 70s, probably until next spring, then the descent to the 40s and 50s after Monday.  It will be a wet and unsettled weather pattern this week into next – maybe some snow in the forecast (looking at the GFS models) for Halloween into the first week of November.

Keep in mind the ground is still warm but I believe we will see a few chances of frost coming up this week especially north of Grand Rapids and in low lying areas of the south and by the weekend I see a wide spread frost over the state.  Any snow we get would be short lived as the temps will moderate back into the 50s after a quick cold shot.



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With 21 days of October 2017 in the record books GRR mean temperature is 60.1° and that is good for a departure of +7.4° With a temperature of 75° today is the 3rd day in a row of mid to upper 70’s and 6 days where the highs have been in the upper 60’s to upper 70’s On average the last day of 75 or warmer here in Grand Rapids is October 13th with a range from September 15th 1981 to November 6th 1975 so we so we are still within that range. The average last day of 70° is… Read more »