Record Setting Heat Wave

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We witnessed one of the longest strings of record setting highs at several locations in Michigan this month. Many locations seen 6 days in a row of records set with most locations seeing 6 days in a row of 90° or better. And this happened in the last half of September to make it even more unusual. For a recap here are some locations with their recorded temperature and the number of days of heat wave.°
Grand Rapids. At GR the heatwave started on September 20th with a non record high of 87° For the next 6 days the highs were all in the 90’s here is the run down. 95° on the 21st and 22nd 96° on the 23rd 94° on the 24th 91° 25th and 92° on the 26° The average high during this time frame is 71° on the 21st to 69° on the 26th
Lansing. At Lansing they also had new record highs set on 6 days in a row. Their heatwave also started on the 20th with a non record high of 87° than starting on the 21st they had highs of 95°, 94°, 93° 92 °,92° and 92°
Muskegon, At Muskegon the lake kept them a little cooler and while they set records for 6 days in a row it only got to 90° on one day. Here is the records set at Muskegon 86° on the 21st 90° on the 22nd 86 on the 23rd 89° on both the 24th and 25th and 88° on the 26th
On the east side of the state Flint and Saginaw also set new records on 6 days in a row. Detroit did not. (The Tigers were too busy setting a losing streak)
Saginaw. At Saginaw they set new records of 93° on the 21st 94° on the 22nd 95° on the 23rd 94° on the 24th 90° on the 25th and 93° on the 26th
Flint. At Flint the new records were 93° on the 21st and 22nd 94° on the 23rd 91° on the 24th 92° on the 25th and 93° on the 26th
The records were not confined to southern lower Michigan either. Both Alpena and The Sault set new records of 5 days in a row the only difference is they had some mid to upper 80’s tossed in
Alpena. Had 5 days of new records in a row. With 92° on the 22nd 93° on the 23rd 91° on the 24th 88° on the 25th and 89° on the 26th
Sault. At the Sault they set new records of 87° on the 22nd 90° on the 23rd 89° on the 24th 88° on the 25th and 84° on the 26th
Just to show you how rare streaks of this length are at Grand Rapids the longest streaks of record setting highs are 7 day in March of 2012 and July of 1936. 6 Days in July of 1934 and September of 2017. We had a string of 5 days in March 1983 and late March to April 2nd 2010. That is it. In Flint they have a string of 8 days in March 2012 7 days in 1936 and 1953 and this 6 days in 2017. As Saginaw their longest string was 7 days in 1936 and now this one in 2017. At Lansing the 2017 string is the longest in their history.


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Barry in Zeeland
Barry in Zeeland

Great write up Slim! Indeed a very rare heat wave, and the fact that we have now lived through two of them within 5 years time. They are both even more amazing because of the time of year they happened, March and September. Seems like our Springs are getting earlier and our Summer/Falls our lasting longer recentley. Coincidence? Who knows, all we can do is look at the stats of what has happened, and they are getting impressive.

ROCKY (Rockford)
ROCKY (Rockford)

Forget the 90’s and bring on Winter!


Thanks Slim – definitely a rarity to see these temperatures in September let alone any time of the year. My forecast page today goes over the dry spells and rainfall totals for this year and a look at a possible wet spell coming for later next week.