Here comes October

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We will soon end September and enter the start of October. The average mean temperature for October is 51.1° The warmest it had gotten in October is 89° on October 1st 1897. In more recent times the 2nd place high of 88 was reached on October 8th 2007 at the end of 5 days in a row of 80 or better. The record low is 18 set on October 30th 1988 and October 21st 1974. The average H/L starts out at 66/47 and by the end of the month the average H/L is 55/38. The average date of the first 32 reading is on October 13th. The wettest October was in 2017 when 9.69” of rain fell and the driest was in 1952 when just 0.03” of rain fell. The mean snow fall for October at Grand Rapids is 0.4” The most was 8.4” in 1967. There have been 12 years where more than 1” has fallen and 16 years when 0.1” of more has fallen. The last time more then 1” fell was in 2006 and the last time 0.1 or more amount fell was in 2017.
1. 1900 59.1
2. 1920 58.9
3. 1963 58.8
4. 1947 58.8
5. 1971 58.3
6. 2007 58.1
1. 1928 42.9
2. 1917 42.9
3. 1988 44.2
4. 1952 44.6
5. 1987 45.0
1. 1967 8.4”
2. 1925 7.5”
3. 1989 5.8”
4. 1917 3.0”
5. 1962 2.6”
6. 1997 2.6”
7. 1992 2.4”
8. 2006 2.1”

Here is the latest fall color report

Here is where we were last year

A look at last October. October 2018 at Grand Rapids the mean was 50.4°. The high for the month was 84 on the 9th there were 4 days in the 80’s and 2 more days in the 70’s. The last date that the high reached 60 or better was on October 14th and it would not reach 60 or better again until March 28th 2019. The coldest low was 27 on the 18th. there were 4 days where the temperature fell to 32 or lower. It was a very wet month with 5.69” of rain fell and there was a reported T of snow fall on a reported 3 days.
So with October 2019 just around the corner lest see how this year unfolds

For anyone who is interested in history. Just two years ago much of the Great Lakes had one of its greatest heat waves and that one was in late September. Starting September 12th 2017 and ending on September 27th Grand Rapids had highs above average. As happens many times the hottest on the heat started on September 21st and for the next 6 days Grand Rapids set record highs with highs of 95,95,96,94,91. and 92. That was one of the greatest heat waves in Grand Rapids history.


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Let it snow let it snow let it snow …INDY

Rocky (Rockford)
Rocky (Rockford)

Get ready to rock!

Mr. Negative
Mr. Negative

ADA- missed most of the “storm” activity. We heard a couple of rumbles, and received 1.10 inches of rain as of noon Saturday. Looking for 48 hours of dry weather, with temps of 70 or better, to seal the driveway. Hmmmm…maybe next year 🙁

Sherry L York
Sherry L York

2.04 inches of rain here last night. Loved the rolling thunder and heavy rain. Now it is time to dry out.


Yes hopefully drying out today ..BIG plans lol..INDY

Barry in Zeeland
Barry in Zeeland

At Cedar Point for the weekend! We have come here many times in late September or October and have never seen it this hot here this time of year. We usually love it because temps will be in the 50’s or 60’s, yesterday when we arrived it was 86! This morning nothing but hot sun and more heat. Going to be sweating through a lot of clothes today.


One month closer to snow and cold love it! Let’s turn all this rain into snow more fun!! ….INDY!!


I remember the heat wave a couple years ago – it was sweltering at the Creative Arts Festival in Otsego.
We had 1.65 inches of rain overnight – the southern counties got 3 to 4 inches and across the border 4 to 6 inches – sounds like snow fall totals – that’s a lot of rain!
Here is the CoCoRaHS map: