Happy Thanksgiving – I am Blessed

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I am not a rich man, I get by well with what I have.  I have been in the work force 45 years and have been blessed with having a job all those years mostly working in the pharmaceutical industry.  I have found if you educate yourself and seek a higher bar you will achieve it.  It takes the extra effort and a bit of gumption to move into a position you enjoy – it is worth the extra work put forth.

As I have moved into the 60s in my life I still maintain an upbeat attitude and try to spread it around in my daily life to bring a smile to those I work with and those who pass by through my daily travels.  Yes, I see the doctor more often than I used to when I was younger due to genetics and sins of the past but no matter my circumstance in this life I still am blessed.

I spoke with my doctor yesterday – he said he admired my spirit and will to never give up.  He said most people in my condition would be on disability and be collecting a check from social security.  I continue to work and do what I can, because I enjoy the life I have, because I am blessed.

I am at the age I can retire and I am looking forward to it as I have fought all my life to maintain a level head and joy no matter the circumstance.  When I do retire I will move into my first love, meteorology, and bring this to the people I have come to know in that field over the years via this site.  I won’t be one who retires and gives up.  I have hobbies I enjoy doing  electronics and woodcarving – mainly electronics as my hands don’t work as well as they did just a few years ago, but still, I am blessed.

Over the years I have build a wood shop and electronics lab along with the technology to build a weather station.  I have always been excited about learning new things.  I devour books, assembling a library of several hundred both hardcover and electronic.  One must keep their minds active no matter the state of their bodies.  My philosophy over the years has been NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!

I have a loving wife, five children and ten grandchildren, two dogs and to many cats, a nice home with land surround by woods filled with wild life.  We feed the birds, squirrels and yes the raccoons and possums.  We had a family of foxes I would set dog food out for them.  The good Lord has been good to me all these years. I have been blessed.

So, no matter your circumstance only you can achieve what you put my mind to.  Yes, the battle may be hard, there will be struggles.  With the proper attitude and gumption you can be happy and achieve many great things.  Be aware that the things you do have an effect on those around you – create an aura of contagious joy and happiness – be courteous and respectful – be kind to both humans and the animals who share your daily life – look for the things which you are blessed with.

When you sit down with your families this Thanksgiving keep in mind it is not just a day of of food consumption and football.  It is a day to thank God for the blessings He has provided to you – He provides the opportunities, it is up to you to act on them.

Weather- wise: A lengthy stretch of relatively benign weather is expected through the end of the month with above normal temperatures and very little precipitation. A weak cold front will bring a few scattered light rain showers on Friday night and Saturday otherwise dry weather is in store the next several days.  We will see temperatures in the mid forties to mid fifties through next Tuesday with no storms rain or snow in sight.

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Mark (East Lansing)
Mark (East Lansing)

Best. Post. Ever.

Had a great day with family. Outside of Christmas, this my favorite holiday. I sincerely hope everyone had a wonderful day.

Sandy (Hudsonville)
Sandy (Hudsonville)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone! I hope you all are able to spend it with family & friends. I too am so grateful for my family & the people God has brought into my life. Have a great day!


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope every one has a great day.
On the weather front it looks mild (for this time of year) for the next 2 to maybe 4 weeks. Who knows maybe we will have the 3rd warm winter in a row.