Happy Mothers Day

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Another annual celebration for those who raised us – my mother and mother in law are in their 80s and 90s respectively, members of the greatest generation who learned to survive with little or nothing with no complaint.  They were both raised on farms so they probably did better than the city folk in regards to having food to eat.

They were raised in a time when there were no electronics with the exception of a radio for entertainment.  In many cases the radios were run off a 12 volt battery because there wasn’t electricity in the country areas yet.  The bathroom lived outside sitting over a hole in the ground and water was pumped by hand.

When I was a kid I got to experience the joys of country living when I spent weekends at my grand parents – they had electricity at that point, however the outhouse was still where we went to do our business and water was still pumped by hand.

I am amazed how our technology and lives improved after World War 2 – our mothers went from doing everything by hand to modern conveniences such as the electronic or gas stoves and washing machines, lighting with a flick of a switch, etc.

My generation of baby boomers were the last to experience the ‘old ways’ of survival passed on by our grandparents – I feel lucky to have learned from them.  Now days much of that knowledge has been lost to the younger generations and is now hard to find those willing to work on farms or construction.

One thing that hasn’t changed over the generations is the love of our mothers and the priceless knowledge passed on to us.  So, happy Mothers Day !!!

After another period of cool weather things will improve as we go through the week with temps in the 60s and even low 70s in the forecast.  Some models are  trying to bring in some 80s by next weekend – we shall see….

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Here at my house just 0.01″ of rain fall yesterday. So far May at Grand Rapids the mean temperature is 51.7° that is a departure of -3.4° so far the average high is 60.7 that is -5.7° below the average that should be be at 66.3° the mean would be much lower if it were not for the average low being 42.6 that is -2.0 below what the average low should of 44.6 be by this date. It will be a very cool first half of May here in the Great Lakes area.


I thought of Mookie yesterday wondering when our furnace was kicking on again how the afternoon windows are blowing being open lol…Happy Mother’s Day …INDY!!


Don’t worry he/she should be back by next weekend if not before. As there looks like we should see a warm up by then.


I know just miss her it’s been quiet on the blog…lol…INDY!!

Rocky (Rockford)
Rocky (Rockford)

It has been very nice with the limited warm weather hype on the blog! I absolutely love it!


Happy Mothers Day!!!
Cloudy and 44 here at my house at this time.