Halloween and November stats

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Here is a little history on Halloween.

Here is some weather history for Halloween at Grand Rapids over the years. The average high is 55° and the average low is 39° The warmest was 79° in 1950 other warm Halloweens were 78° in 1933 and 76° in 1979. The coldest temperature recorded on the date was 20° in 1988 other cold Halloweens were 24° in 1949 and 25° in 1925. The coldest maximum was 32° in 1917, other cold days were 37° in 1906 and 1996. The wettest was 1.27” in 1994 with other wet days being 121” in 2013 and 1.10” in 1919. Contray to common belief snow on Halloween is very rare in Grand Rapids with the most falling being 1.5” in 1917 and in 2nd place 0.3” in 1932 there has been a trace reported on several years with 2014 being the last year. Last year the high/low was 54°/34°
Also this week we fall into November here are some averages and extremes for November at Grand Rapids.
The 30 year average mean is 40.1° the all time average mean (1895/2016I is 39.1°) The warmest mean was 47.6° in 1931 the coldest mean was 31.0° in 1951. Last year the mean was 45.4° and that was good for +5.3° The record high for November is 81° on November 1, 1950 the record low also in 1950 was -10° on the 25th a low of -9° was recorded on the 24th for the only times it has gotten below zero in Grand Rapids in November. The most snow to fall in November was 31.0” in 2014 (the rest of that winter only 47.1” of snow fell here in GR) The biggest snow storm was 11.5” on November 20th 2000. (that winter 82.1” (23” in November and 59.1” in December) fell in the months of November and December BUT only 16” fell the rest of that winter. So a lot of snow in November does not mean a lot of snow for the winter season. The wettest November was in 2003 when 7.90” fell and the driest was in 1904 when only 0.06” fell. The highest wind was on November 11th 1940 when winds of up to 80 MPH were recorded. Now its time to set back and see how November 2017 plays out.

The current October will go down in weather history as being the wettest on record at Grand Rapids, Lansing and Muskegon (and I am sure at other locations as well) At Grand Rapids this year tied the latest for the first 39° with 1914. And while not a record we should end the month as one of the top ten warmest October’s on record at Grand Rapids

Here are some of my analog years that had some similar traits to this year(so far) 1969/70 (neutral) 1963/64(moderate El Nino) 1954/55(weak La Nina) 1947/48, 1932/33, 1927/28, 1920/21 and 1914/15. I am looking at what happened it the late summer into late October and in the above years there are some similar traits to what has happened this year.   Many of the above winters DID not have the winter that many of the long range guessers have say we could have this winter.


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I am curious about your measurable snow fall. Just watched Keith Thompson’s. He is predicting 6 or more week of December 3.


I would say that is still up in the air – to far out to tell – more on that in tomorrows post.

Sandy (Hudsonville)
Sandy (Hudsonville)

It is snowing huge flakes here!! I know it won’t last or stick but what a sight. 🙂