Wet and Gloomy

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Now here is something we haven’t had for awhile – a moist and gloomy day.  We have had a nice steady rain here at the station since 4am.  We have seen .29 of an inch since midnight bringing our total … Continued

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Atmospheric Circulation

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Another piece of the winter forecast puzzle is atmospheric circulation.  The circulation of wind in the atmosphere is driven by the rotation of the earth and the incoming energy from the sun. Wind circulates in each hemisphere in three distinct … Continued

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Record Setting Heat Wave

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  This is my first post in the new format so will see how this looks. We witnessed one of the longest strings of record setting highs at several locations in Michigan this month. Many locations seen 6 days in … Continued

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Storm Data Publications

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If you would like to read about historical past events in weather history NOAA has a publication site which goes back to January 1959 and runs through March of this year.  Monthly issues contain a chronological listing, by states, of … Continued

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La Nina Watch

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There is an increasing chance (~55-60%) of La Niña during the Northern Hemisphere fall and winter 2017-18.  A watch is issued when conditions are favorable for the development of El Niño or La Niña conditions within the next six months. … Continued

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