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The Black Hills area can experience spectacular temperature variations. Day-to-day changes occur as cold and warm fronts cross the northern Plains. However, temperature ranges across the area at a given time can be just as great. They happen rapidly as … Continued

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The History of Numerical Weather Prediction Part lll

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    A more recent addition to the numerical weather prediction suite of products is “ensemble modeling.” With ensemble modeling, many forecasts are run with slightly varying initial conditions from different models and an average, or “ensemble mean,” of the … Continued

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The History of Numerical Weather Prediction Part ll

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This is part 2 of last weeks post. John von Neumann, the developer of that first computer (called the ENIAC), recognized that the problem of weather forecasting was a natural for his computing machinery. In 1948, he assembled a group … Continued

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New Year

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With the start of the new year I thought it would be a good time to look back at years past and look at some top 5 years as to temperature, snow fall and precipitation. First here are the averages … Continued

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Christmases Past

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    I was going to do a December extremes past part ll but I changed my mind and will do a past Christmas instead. This will be sort of a expanded version of Climatology for today. And will include … Continued

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Extreme December’s Past part I

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Over the next 2 weeks I will look at some past extreme months of December and than see how the rest of that winter played out. This week I will look at the two top coldest and warmest December on … Continued

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Wenonah Hotel

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December 10th 1977 I remember December 10th 1977 very well. I had a close friend that lived at the Wenonah Hotel. While it was called a “hotel” it was more like an apartment building with shops and such on the … Continued

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Welcome to winter 2017/18

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  As we start the new season it is a good time to see just what a “average” winter is like in Grand Rapids. And a time to look at some extremes for the season. The records below are for … Continued

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