Summer Returns

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There are a lot of people who stop by here to check the weather and sometimes peek at that blog for the entertainment value and knowledge it provides.  I was talking to a deacon I met yesterday from an area … Continued

Summer Returns this Week

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I really have been enjoying this early fall weather – it is a welcome change from the heat we have experienced this past summer.  The heat will be returning however so don’t put away the air conditioners yet. I finished … Continued

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Saffir–Simpson Scale

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  With the Hurricane season now underway it is a good time to look at the Hurricane category’s History The scale was developed in 1971 by civil engineer Herbert Saffir and meteorologist Robert Simpson, who at the time was director … Continued

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Cool Weekend

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We have a cool pattern setting up for today on through the weekend, our best chance of rain is today but I don’t expect much – maybe a tenth of an inch or less if any.  Temps will be in … Continued

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Patchy Frost North

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Looking at the area temps this morning there a few readings in the 30s around Cadillac.  Grayling airfield is 34°, Green Lake is at 38° and 39 at the Alpena Regional Airport.  Our readings here in the south are generally … Continued

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Happy Labor Day

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First up is the August summary from NOAA.  As you can see our temps were near normal as a whole, the thing that stands out are the precipitation numbers.  Most of the rain we had for August were of the … Continued

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