Season Summaries

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Amazing to say we had a normal to near normal snowfall accumulation in this back loaded winter.  Makes one wonder what our winter would have been like if it snowed all three months.  Here is a summary of this past … Continued

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Wind Advisory

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Welcome to Daylight Savings Time, if you haven’t done so yet set your clocks forward one hour.  I have always disagreed with the concept of messing with time and our biological clocks, but hey, we as sheep will bleat all … Continued

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Sunny Skies

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First up: Slims high temperature contest for March – not sure if he has a prize in mind, however I think it would be appropriate for a prize for whoever is the furthest off from the highest temperature reading for … Continued

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Michigan Earthquakes

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We are now entering another quiet period for our Michigan weather so I thought it would be a good time to post a bit of the earthquake history for Michigan. Part of earth sciences study includes the study of earthquakes … Continued

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I suppose if I had to put a label on it I would say March this year has come in more on the lamb-ish side.  So, if the fables and lore do come into being we would have a stormy … Continued

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