Storms and Hail

Hail is precipitation that is formed when updrafts in thunderstorms carry raindrops upward into extremely cold areas of the atmosphere. Hail can damage aircraft, homes and cars, and can be deadly to livestock and people. One of the people killed … Continued

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Next Week its April

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  We are about to flip into April. Grand Rapids starts the month with 12hr 43m daylight (sun rise to sun set) and ends the month at 14h 04m. The sun angle is the same as September 10th on the … Continued

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Supercell Storms

On the thunderstorm spectrum, supercells are the least common type of thunderstorm, but they have a high propensity to produce severe weather, including damaging winds, very large hail, and sometimes weak to violent tornadoes.  What makes a supercell unique from … Continued

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Prayers out for MV’s wife

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We all hope that MV’s wife is doing better. While we wait for word on MV’s wife here is some information on Michigan’s Maple syrup Maple syrup season lasts only four to six weeks in the early spring when maple … Continued

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March “Heat Wave”

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With the colder then average March we are having this year lets look back at a March that was much above average. We generally do not think of the term “Heat Wave” when we think of the Month of March … Continued

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